Championships On Line at Fall Jamboree

Date: 10/17/2011 8:46:27 PM

Championships On Line at Fall Jamboree
The November 5th Fall Jamboree slated for action at New Egypt Speedway will have championship ramifications on the line as many of the point standings and even championships will be on the line.
The SpeedSTR Regional Tour currently has Langhorne PA's Kyle Hieber atop of the standings,but with the Trifecta 15 on the schedule points could be gained or lost in just 1 lap.Gary Hieber looks to challenge his brother for the top spot,but the next 6 positions are all mathematically changeable as Paul Lotier,Jr.,Brittany Wixon,Scott Munroe,Rich Tobias,Brandon Rahmer and Matt Janisch all within 150 points of each other.Brittany Wixon has really turned around her 2011 SpeedSTR season with a strong showing at Grandview and her Canada Tour win propelling her into contention aboard the Lee Wixon prepared 15.Williams Grove winner Scott Munroe is hoping the Jersey State speedway boosts his standings in the rankings.Lotier,Jr. has been steady and will look to rebound after his last trip to New Egypt found him placing 16th.
Brandon Rahmer and Matt Janisch can be counted on as front runners as their 2011 visits to New Egypt were met with much success with Janisch taking both ends of the Wall / NES combo show in July.
Looking to make their mark in the states will be the RevStar invaders from Quebec as Yannick Poirier,Maxime Plante,Jean Gareau and Gabriel Richer are planning on making the 10 hour trip which could see Poirier leaving as the overall 2011 Bilstein Shocks SpeedSTR National Champion.
Hoping to get into the mix and challenge for the top 11 National positions are Gary Huber,Freddie Rahmer,Grandview winner Tyler Potts,Daniel Nadeau,Doug Sherwood,Al Arrisher and Matt Dealaman.The talented SpeedSTR drivers from all regions will be converging on New Egypt in hopes of getting the points and checkered in one or all of the Trifecta 15's being offered.
The 2011 Slingshot by Tobias Elite 11 is now 1 race away from it's final point tallies as Brett Bieber,leads Simon Egan and Matt Carman in his quest to be the Slingshot kingpin after a long season that started at the Herr's Snack Bowl Indoor Classic presented by Len Sammons Motorsports in Atlantic City.Gary Hieber,Bill Weaver,Kyle Rohner,Ben Whitaker,Shannon Smith,Matt Mertz,Danny Buccafusca,JR Fulper and Robbie Hocker all have something to gain as does Ryan Raidline,Kurt Bettler,Michael Glass,Kyle Hieber,AJ Gerhart,Henry Anderson and Joe Bodenschatz.A second show has been added for the Slingshots as the Daylight Savings 12 will be on the racing card.A $100 bonus has been offered  to the best overall finisher in the Slingshot mains.
The Great American Enduro Series is also having a point battle this year and it is a lot closer than what the points are showing with Mark Naftzinger holding a 20 point advantage over the driver of the #310,Bill Stockert.Tom Wolf,Jim Watkins and Richie Cass round out the top 5 in the Big Car Class.With 18 participants in the Big Car Class and with some new drivers showing interest it could shape up to be a last lap battle for the win and the points.The Small Car class finds John Crosby just ahead of Danny Serrano and Scott Dunn.
So the November 5th Fall Jamboree at New Egypt will serve many purposes as wins and championships will be on the line as the Legends are also invited for a day of high speed racing.The slated micro events have been taken off the schedule in respect to the Lindas Micro National make-up date.

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