Speedway Entertainment Rap...weekly wrap up of SpeedSTR & Slingshot Racing Action...4/29 - 5/3/15

Date: 5/6/2015 9:31:39 PM



The Weekly Wrap-Up of Racing Action...SE Style!





**Dylan Hoch Takes Year's First National Slingshot Tour Event at Thunder Mountain's Small Car Showcase

   by Brett Deyo, BD Motorsports Media


  Defending National champion Dylan Hoch of Mertztown, Pa., won the 20-lap Slingshot main event on Sunday, May 3rd. Via the double-heats format, Hoch earned the outside pole for the feature and led the entire distance. Hoch likened the Thunder Mountain layout to Pa.’s Grandview Speedway in Victory Lane.

  Cody Kline made a late advance for second, with Brett Bieber, Demetrios Drellos and Joe Krum in tow.

  The Slingshot field was a strong one with entries ranging from Connecticut, Long Island, Vermont, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, New York and beyond. Many had never seen the speedway prior to Sunday….


National All Star Slingshot Tour Feature Finish (20 Laps): DYLAN HOCH, Cody Kline, Brett Bieber, Demetrios Drellos, Joe Krum, Dillon Steuer, Louden Reimert, Don Schmidt, Brian Tobey Jr., Dan Morgiewicz Jr., John Bockhorn, Donny Hockman, Steven Van Valkenburg, Henry Anderson, Tom Arntz, Corey Cormier, Caitlin Krum, Dalton Maynard, Marty Kelly III, Alan Selemba, Bob Boughton, Tanner Correia, Alex Boughton, Jordan Lawrence.

Did Not Start: Ethan Darling.

Free Vahlco Bead Buster: Louden Reimert



(Photo on Left) :Brett Bieber (32) works the low lane while eventual winner Dylan Hoch attempts the high side pass. 

(Photo on Right): Hoch, the defending National Slingshot Champion, in Thunder Mountain's Victory Lane after Sunday's triumph.

(Dennis Takacs Photos)



**Dylan Swinehart is the Ace in Bridgeport's First Poker Series Race of Season

   by Kolby Ramey


    Fleetwood, PA's Dylan Swinehart passed polesitter, Mike Toth for the lead on the opening lap and survived challenges from B.J. Antonio and then by Kurt Bettler to record his first Bridgeport win in a Slingshot in his first-ever visit to the speedway. Swinehart's victory came in the South Jersey oval's initial Poker Series Race of 2015 on its quarter-mile track, and his Ace gives the young charger a positive start to having the best hand when the series ends in the fall. 

   Bettler who had trouble in his qualifying event came from 20th to second in the feature event.  Jordan Knapp, Toth and Austin Stufflet completed the top five.



1. Dylan Swinehart, 2. Kurt Bettler, 3. Jordan Knapp, 4. Mike Toth, 5. Austin Stufflet, 6. Dave McCullough, 7. Anthony Raisner, 8. Jason Schenker, 9. Dave Morrell, 10. Steve Svanda, 11. Andrew Kreis, 12. William Mohring, 13. Tess Horvath, 14. Steve Schenker, 15. Tom Hennessy, 16. Steve Schenker, 17. David Galloway, 18. B.J. Antonio, 19. Louie Partite, 20. Richard Patite, DNS – Eric Jones.



**RevStar SpeedSTR Circuit Boasts Four Rookie of Year Contenders...and Three of Them Are Females!

   (Carl Labonte of RevStar contributed to this article)


         Isabelle Manny                             Sabrina Blanchet                          Stephanie Ratte`                                Antoine Parent



  These youthful chargers will compete for the National USAC All Pro SpeedSTR Rookie of the Year as they take on the best of the Canadian RevStar SpeedSTR roster!

  In subsequent issues of SE Rap, we will offer a driver profile for each of the contenders pictured above.

  Carl Labonte's RevStar series for both the SpeedSTR's and Slingshots is getting ready to kick off its 2015 campaign north of the border with banner fields expected in both divisions!



**Pirone's Stellar Weekend Continues With Hamlin Triumph On Saturday

   by Steve Pados, GA Motorsports Media


(May 2nd) - Former Empire Region Slingshot Champion Tyler Pirone took the lead ast the start of the headliner for the All Star Slingshot race cars and maintained a small advantage early on despite constant pressure from Mike McLaughlin and Dillon Steuer.  Behind the front running trio, things were heating up quickly as one by one all of the players found the line they were seeking and the racing action became intense from front to back with the talented field of competitors.  


   Pirone controlled the point and McLaughlin tried to work underneath him on more than one occasion. Pirone was spot on as he drove to his third straight win on the All Star Slingshot circuit. McLaughlin enjoyed a great outing in the runner-up role while Dillon Steuer was making his first start as an All Star and came up with a solid third place finish. Kyle Herve, in his best run to date, was fourth and another driver who enjoyed his best Hamlin finish, Hunter Metzger, rounded out the top five. Dale Kober headed up the second five and behind him at the finish were Austin Silfee, Mike Fogler, Daniel Morgiewicz and Wes Hearn. Sixteen cars copleted the twenty lap event.

  Dale Kober won the Super Slingers feature, while Tyler Peet notched the victory in the Junior Slingshot main over Alex Yankowski.


Slingshot Results from May 2nd event at Hamlin Speedway:


 All Star Slingshots: Tyler Pirone, Mike McLaughlin, Dillon Steuer, Kyle Herve, Hunter Metzger, Dale Kober, Austin Silfee, Mike Fogler, Daniel Morgiewicz, Wes Hearn, Jake Van Pelt, David Carraghan, Taylor Eccles, Chloe Andreas, David Burns, Caitlin Henneforth, Jackson Ring, Corey Cormier, Damon Paul, Anthony Raisner, Hunter DeMeglio, Mack Brink.


Junior Slingshots: Tyler Peet, Alex Yankowski, Justin Mills, Anthony Recchio, Tighe Sherlock, Taylor Mills, Jared Silfee, Cole Stangle, Tanner VanDoren, Ashley Kober, Michael Samony, Jack Clancy, Nathen Marold, Kyle Braun.


Super Slingshots: Dale Kober, Wes Hearn, David Carraghan, Greg Zellman, John Bush, Ryan Lacoe, Jim Conroy, Janell Geary.



Tyler Pirone poses with Hamlin Speedway's checkered flag after his second 

victory of the weekend. Pirone also won at the Accord Speedway on Friday,

May 1st. (Strictly Dirt Photography - Maxine Scherer)




**May 1st Slingshot winners at the Accord Speedway...


ALL STAR SLINGSHOT: Tyler Pirone, Wyatt Clark, Ashley Rogosich, Bobby Flood, Tommy Zwart, Alan Selemba, Jordan Lawrence, Don Boonstra, Jared Miller, Nick Del Campo, Matt Shultz, Joe Krum


JUNIOR SLINGSHOT: Hunter Lapp, Vincent Visconti, Josh Marcus, Matt DeRitter, Peyton Speedling, Ryan McCartney, Jayden Sleight, Ashton Dewitt, Ryan Auchmoody.



**Five Mile Point Speedway - Slingshot results for May 2nd...


ALL STAR SLINGSHOTS OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  JOE KRUM, Bob Boughton, Alex Boughton, Dalton Maynard, Tanner Correia, Mackenzie Marsh, Bobby Gage. DNS Caitlin.  





**Shellhammer's Speedway Slingshot results...


Wednesday, April 29: 

All Stars - Andrew Kreis, Louden Reimert, Brett Bieber, William Mohring, David Galloway, Seth Spayd. 

Juniors -   Cole Stangle, Nicholas Flammer, Tanner Van Doren, Joey Vaccaro, Autumn Ankiewicz, Robert Schlenker.


Saturday, May 2nd:

All Stars - Louden Reimert, Bill Weaver, Andrew Kreis, Dawson Landis, Kyle Smith.



**Snydersville Slingshots on May 1st...


Junior Slingshots - Robert Schlenker, Tanner Van Doren.



**Crounse Leads Slinger Posse at Dodge City Speedway in Howe's Cave, NY on May 1st...


All Star Slingshot Top Three - Dave Crounse, Brian Tobey Jr., Michael Hill.



**Kutztown's Action Track USA Set For May 13 Season Opener; Practice Night Slated For May 11



 Link to the pre-season news release regarding the season opening Goldie & Elton Meitzler Memorial, improvements at the facility, and the highlights 

of the 2015 schedule at the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track USA on the Kutztown Fairgrounds...


**The Week Ahead...

  Races are scheduled at all of the speedways mentioned in this week's Rap, along with the return of the All Star Slingshots to Linda's Speedway on Friday night, May 8, after a week off at the Jonestown oval. The Mid-Atlantic Gold Tour makes a stop at the Pearl in the Poconos, Hamlin Speedway on Saturday night, May 9. And Button Buck, the racy little track inside Deer Creek Speedway in Minnesota, is slated to open up this weekend. 

  And the SpeedSTR's take center stage, flanked by the Wingless 600cc Sprints and the All Star Slingshots, at the JeffreyHogueRealtor.com Action Track USA on the Kutztown Fairgrounds on Wednesday, May 13! 

And that's a Rap! 



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