N.E. Modified Tour Series to Hit a Racetrack Near You in 2011

Date: 2/28/2011 11:15:11 PM

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N.E. Modified Tour Series to Hit a Racetrack Near You in 2011
They go by several names across the Northeast, but despite producing exciting racing action, they often play second fiddle to the Tour-Type Modifieds. Known by many as “B” Mods, these economical versions of Northeastern-style pavement Modifieds have come into their own in an economy that has tightened racing budgets. And, thanks to several racers who are concerned with the future of Modified racing, the newly formed N.E. Modified Tour Series heads to a track near you in 2011.
Harkening back to the early years of racing, when drivers barnstormed the East Coast, the N.E. Modified Tour Series seeks to bring the best Modified talent to racetracks around the Northeast.
The cars are essentially the same as Tour-Type Modifieds, with one huge exception—cost. Under the hood sits a 358 cubic-inch engine with steel heads, a wet sump, and a virtually stock Holley 500 cfm two-barrel carburetor. Producing upwards of 500 horsepower, the engines costs only one-third of that of a competitive Tour-Type engine.
The power connects to the pavement through a durable 10-inch-wide tire on a 13-inch maximum wheel, which controls the horsepower advantage and allows teams to focus more on setting the car up to handle. Teams will be restricted to a series tire, with a purchase limit per race.
The N.E. Modified Tour Series rulebook provides racers from a wide variety of tracks an opportunity to compete while also keeping a level playing field.
“The idea is to allow any two-barrel Modified from several similar divisions at various tracks in the Northeast to compete—hence the name, N.E. Modifieds,” said series director, Mike Odwazny, who also serves as the Chief Steward for Mountain Speedway in St. Johns, Pa.
The series is currently in negotiation with several facilities in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania to host the N.E. Modified Tour Series for its inaugural 2011 season. The series plans to run on mostly Sundays, so it will not interfere with the regular programs of its host tracks.
Time trial qualifying (with an invert), plus a consolation race (if necessary) will determine the 24-car field for the 75-lap feature. The victor will take home $1,500 while any car taking the green will receive $200.
Owner and driver licenses for the series will be $50 for the season, with crewmember licenses only $25. The license also allows the holder free entry to the annual N.E. Modified Tour Series awards banquet.
Any race teams, tracks, or fans who would like to obtain more info on the series are urged to call Mike Odwazny at (570) 807-7168 or email him at intenseracing51@yahoo.com.

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