Duane Howard Wins 2014 American Racer Cup Modified Title. Fellow Grandview Speedway Driver Jared Umbenhauer Locks Up Overall American Racer Cup Sportsman Title

Date: 9/9/2014 5:20:52 PM

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            Re:  Howard Wins Am. Cup


Duane Howard Wins 2014 American Racer Cup Modified Title.  Fellow Grandview Speedway Driver Jared Umbenhauer Locks Up Overall American Racer Cup Sportsman Title


         BINGHAMTON, NY…Duane Howard has emerged as the 2014 $150,000 American Racer Cup Overall Modified Champion.  Howard had another solid season at his weekly home track Grandview Speedway on his way to his fourth overall title in five years well over $10,000.  Another weekly Grandview Speedway campaigner Jared Umbenhauer recorded his first ever American Racer Cup Overall title for Sportsman.


         Howard pulled off the feat this season after a slow start in the American Racer Cup Standings.  His 6 wins, 5 second place finishes and one 3rd place finish gave him the edge over Utica Rome Speedway’s Stewart Friesen in the overall standings.  Howard also earned a season ending point bonus which is based on the average weekly starting field.  The Grandview Speedway averaged more weekly starters than any other participating speedway.


         For Howard the American Racer Cup has been a very profitable program.  He has earned well over $50,000 over his four titles in five years.  Most impressive is the fact that the American Racer Cup money is based solely on running one night a week at his home speedway. His championships have come in 2010, ’12, ’13 and this season.  Billy Pauch is the only other driver to win the overall title.  That came in 2011 at the New Egypt Speedway. 


         Stewart Friesen wound up second in the overall American Racer Cup Modified standings due to his weekly efforts at the Utica Rome Speedway.  Doug Manmiller another Grandview Speedway driver finished third with Bridgeport Speeedway drivers Jimmy Horton and Ryan Watt finishing fourth and fifth.


         Jared Umbenhauer has an incredible season in the Grandview Speedway Sportsman ranks.  In one of the most competitive fields in the northeast Umbenhauer eanred a remarkable eleven feature wins combined with one third place finish for his best twlelve efforts.  Alan Barker from the I-88 Speedway wound up second in the overall standings.  Brian White a weekly standout at the Five Mile Point Speedway ended up third with Travis Hill (Bridgeport Speedway) and Jeremy Vunk (Utica Rome Speedway) rounding out the top five.


         The first ever American Racer Cup Champions Weekend will take place at Five Mile Point Speedway on October 10th and 11th.  The top drivers in the program will go head to head with the best weekly racer’s from throughout the northeast. 


For more information on the American Racer Cup presented by Sunoco Race Fuels please contact the Race of Champions offices at 607-775-5555 or by emailing the office at rocdirt@aol.com.  The official American Racer Cup website can be found at www.dirtmodcup.com. You can contact Lias Tire directly by phoning (724) 463-0214.


American Racer Cup Modified Overall Championship:  1. Duane Howard(785) $10,000/ 2. Stewart Friesen(760) $6,000/ 3. Doug Manmiller(757) $5,000/ 4. Jimmy Horton(747) $3,500/ 5. Ryan Watt(746) $3,000/ 6. Wade Hendrickson(745) $2,500/ 7. H.J. Bunting(740) $2,000/ 8. Anthony Perrego(737) $1,500/ 9. Ryan Godown(735) $1,000/ 10. Matt Sheppard(735) $1,000.


American Racer Cup Sportsman Overall Championship: 1. Jared Umbenhauer(790) $1,500/ 2.Alan Barker(755) $1,000/ 3. Brian White(745) $750/ 4. Travis Hill(744) $600/ 5. Jeremy Vunk(736) $500/ 6. Nick Nye(735) $400/ 7. Brett Kressley(727) $300/ 8. Ryan Olsommer(720) $250/ 9. Ken Hammond(713) $200/ 10. Claude Hutchings Jr.(713) $100.


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