Tommy Beck, Josh Holtgraver, J.E. Stalder, Jake Simmons, Brian Huchko and Ricky Steigerwald Claim Wins in Final Points Night at PPMS on Saturday

Date: 9/14/2009 2:34:06 AM

Tommy Beck, Josh Holtgraver, J.E. Stalder, Jake Simmons, Brian Huchko and Ricky
Steigerwald Claim Wins in Final Points Night at PPMS on Saturday, September 12,
2009; Kyle Lukon, Pat Weldon, Gary Koteles and Justin Pons Clinch Division Championships

In the final point race of the season, Tommy Beck (who also won the season opener)
took the win in the DIRTcar Super Late Model feature after leading every lap in
the race.  Starting on the pole, Beck had no trouble maintaining his lead throughout.
 Venetia's Ben Miley followed Beck through lap 15 but was not able to mount a challenge
to the leader.  Starting in 8th place, Al Atallah drove his way up through the front
of the field and passed Miley on lap 15.  Atallah closed in on Beck and looked like
he could challenge the leader but broke on the final lap which allowed Beck to claim
his third win of the season.  At the finish it was Beck and Miley, followed by Dave
Murdick who had his best finish ever at PPMS, Brandon Burgoon (this season's Super
Late Model Track Champion), and Lynn Geisler.  Kyle Lukon, Jim Lepro, Daryl Charlier,
Mike Basich and Jim Stephans rounded out the top 10.  Atallah and Geisler took the
The Brougher's Machine Shop DIRTcar ProLate Model feature saw outside pole sitter
and rising star Colton Flinner hit the wall halfway through lap three and head into
the pits for the night.  On the restart Rocky Kugel took the lead but was not able
to hold on as he was passed by Josh Holtgraver on lap 11.  Holtgraver led the rest
of the way as he held off the persistent challenges of Kyle Lukon.  After a tough
season, it was Holtgraver's first win of year.  Second place finisher Kyle Lukon
 clinched his second ProLate Model championship in as many years.  Rounding out
the top 10 were Atallah, Kugel, Dennis Niederriter, Neil Isiminger (subbing for
Laura Lukon), Justin Lamb, Scott Schempp, Dave Wade and Mark Moats, Jr.  The heats
fell to Niederriter and Isiminger.
Seventh starting J.E. Stalder was a man on a mission as he blasted through the field
to take the lead on lap 1 and never looked back as he drove onto victory in the
Miley Truck Rental DIRTcar UMP Modified main.  After a season of bad breaks, it
was his first win of the year at PPMS.  A caution on lap 10 sent Kari Gasser, Bruce
Takach, J.J. Bametzrieder and Kevin Miller to the rear of the field.  Vince Laboon
and Tim Engles exited the track at the same time, both with mechanical problems.
  On the restart, J.E. jumped out to a considerable lead.  The 2009 PPMS DIRTcar
 UMP Modified champion (his first ever) Daryl Charlier came in second.  He was followed
by Michael Davis, who made his first appearance in a Modified at PPMS this season,
Chuck Kennedy, Brandon Blacksheer, Clayton Kennedy, Gasser (recovering nicely after
the caution), Miller, Takach, and Tom Martineck.  Davis and Stalder took the heats.
While Jake Simmons was able to claim the victory in the DIRTcar UMP Sportsman division
feature, Pat Weldon ended up as this season's track champion in the class.  Simmons
took the lead on lap seven after passing outside pole sitter Craig Koteles.  It
was Simmons seventh win of the season, which ties his season best.  At the finish,
they were followed by Bobby Heim, A.J. Poljak, Nick Kocuba, Weldon, brothers Vince
and Craig Kamicker, Bob Schwartzmiller and Joe Koteles.  The heats went to Heim
and Craig Kamicker.
McDonald's Brian Huchko took the win in the Flynn's Tire and Auto Factory Stock
feature, while 8th starting Gary Koteles finished in second.  Koteles also took
the track champion title in the division.  Garrett O'Patchen, Robby Torrens (subbing
for Rich Mason), Ed Wiser, Jason Herniak, Jennifer Barker and Dan Duscheid followed
at the finish.  Huckko also won the heat.
After having a tire fall off in the feature, Justin Pons was able to come back out
on the track to claim his second track championship in the Imperial Heights Garage
Young Guns division.  Ricky Steigerwald was the winner of the event, followed by
 Tyler Atkinson, Tyler Carson, Alec Broniszewski, Hannah Ramsey, Brittney Davis,
 and Daniel White.
The night ended with an eight lap Mechanics' Race in the Sportsman division.  Competitors
in the division were able to designate a driver of their choice to compete in this
event, the only requirement being that they were not allowed to have previous race
car driver experience.  Claiming the win was David Simmons, Jake's brother.  Other
drivers competing were Jim Slade, Tim Paul, Phil Devilling, Nick Kocuba, Sr., Chris
Fox, Joe Koteles, Sr. and Curtis J. Bish.
SUMMARY 9/12/09:
DIRTcar Super Late Models:
Heat 1:  1. Al Atallah, 2. Mike Basich, 3. Jim Lepro, 4. Ben Miley, 5. Dave Murdick,
6. Chuck Medved, 7. Danny Rich (subbing for Larry Marks), 8. Beau Glemba, 9. Dave
Heat 2: 1. Lynn Geisler, 2. Kyle Lukon, 3. Daryl Charlier, 4. Tommy Beck, 5. Brandon
Burgoon, 6. John Hodgkiss, 7. Rich Apolito, 8. Jim Stephans, 9. Tom Bateman
Feature (25 laps): 1. Tommy Beck, 2. Ben Miley, 3. Dave Murdick, 4. Brandon Burgoon,
5. Lynn Geisler, 6. Kyle Lukon, 7. Jim Lepro, 8. Daryl Charlier, 9. Mike Basich,
 10. Jim Stephans, 11. Rich Apolito, 12. Chuck Medved, 13. Al Atallah, 14. Dave
Johnson, 15. Danny Rich, 16. Tom Bateman, 17. John Hodgkiss DNS, 18. Beau Glemba
Brougher's Machine Shop DIRTcar ProLate Models:
Heat 1:  1. Dennis Niederriter, 2. Justin Lamb, 3. Al Atallah, 4. Rocky Kugel, 5.
Colton Flinner, 6. Dave Wade, 7. Tom Dembowski, 8. Kelvin Kohan
Heat 2:  1. Neil Isiminger (subbing for Laura Lukon), 2. Kyle Lukon, 3. Scott Schempp,
4. Josh Holtgraver, 5. Derek Stefanick, 6. Darrell Dow, 7. Mark Moats, Jr., 8. Jeff
Broniszewski, 9. Sean Puz, 10. Jeremy Kleemook, 11. Terry Kerr
Feature (20 laps): 1. Josh Holtgraver, 2. Kyle Lukon, 3. Al Atallah, 4. Rocky Kugel,
5. Dennis Niederriter, 6. Neil Isiminger, 7. Justin Lamb, 8. Scott Schempp, 9. Dave
Wade, 10. Mark Moats, Jr., 11. Tom Dembowski, 12. Darrell Dow, 13. Jeff Broniszewski,
14. Derek Stefanick,
15. Stanley Spooner, 16. Kelvin Kohan, 17. John Cain, 18. Sean Puz, 19. Jeremy Kleemook,
20. Colton Flinner, 21. Terry Kerr DNS
Miley Truck Rental DIRTcar UMP Modifieds:
Heat 1:  1. Michael Davis, 2. Kari Gasser, 3. Daryl Charlier, 4. Brandon Blacksheer,
5. Tom Martineck, 6. Bruce Takach, 7. J.J. Bametzrieder, 8. Cory Miller (subbing
 for Brad Westover),
9. Vince Laboon
Heat 2:  1. J.E. Stalder, 2. Chuck Kennedy, 3. Tim Engles, 4. Shawn Domhoff (subbing
for Jared Domhoff), 5. Clayton Kennedy, 6. Kevin Miller, 7. Sean Graham, 8. Bill
Feature (15 laps):  1. J.E. Stalder, 2. Daryl Charlier, 3. Michael Davis, 4. Chuck
5. Brandon Blacksheer, 6. Clayton Kennedy, 7. Kari Gasser, 8. Kevin Miller, 9. Bruce
Takach, 10. Tom Martineck, 11. J.J. Bametzrieder, 12. Cory Miller, 13. Sean Graham,
14. Vince Laboon, 15. Tim Engles, 16. Shawn Domhoff, 17. Bill Westlake DNS
DIRTcar UMP Sportsman:
Heat 1:  1. Bobby Heim, 2. Jake Simmons, 3. Bob Schwartzmiller, 4. A.J. Poljak,
5. Craig Koteles, 6. Joe Koteles, 7. Tyler Fox, 8. Don Bauerle, Jr., 9. Todd Janas,
10. Adam Kostelnik
Heat 2:  1. Craig Kamicker, 2. Nick Kocuba, 3. Pat Weldon, 4. Dave Slade, 5. Curt
6. Robbie Haught, 7. John Hollis, 8. Steve Pyeritz, 9. Vince Kamicker, 10. Mike
Mohn DNS
Feature (15 laps):  1. Jake Simmons, 2. Craig Koteles, 3. Bobby Heim, 4. A.J. Poljak,
5. Nick Kocuba, 6. Pat Weldon, 7. Vince Kamicker, 8. Craig Kamicker, 9. Bob Schwartzmiller,
10. Joe Koteles, 11. Curt Bish, 12. Dave Slade, 13. Tyler Fox, 14. John Hollis,
15. Don Bauerle, Jr., 16. Todd Janas, 17. Robbie Haught, 18. Steve Pyeritz, 19.
Adam Kostelnik DNS, 20. Mike Mohn DNS
Flynn's Tire and Auto DIRTcar Factory Stocks:
Heat:  1. Brian Huchko, 2. Robby Torrens (subbing for Rich Mason), 3. Ed Wiser,
4. Dan Duscheid, 5. Jason Herniak, 6. Garrett O'Patchen, 7. Jennifer Barker
Feature (10 laps):  1. Brian Huchko, 2. Gary Koteles, 3. Garrett O'Patchen, 4. Robby
Torrens, 5. Ed Wiser, 6. Jason Herniak, 7. Jennifer Barker, 8. Dan Duscheid
Imperial Heights Garage DIRTcar Young Guns:
Feature (8 laps):  1. Ricky Steigerwald, 2. Tyler Atkinson, 3. Tyler Carson, 4.
Alec Broniszewski, 5. Hannah Ramsey, 6. Brittney Davis, 7. Justin Pons, 8. Daniel

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