Week 3 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway had Jared Miley pick up his second win, while Dan Karalagas, Jake Simmons, J.E. Stalder, Brian Huchko and Trevor Gombach win on May 1, 2010

Date: 5/2/2010 10:24:33 PM

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Week 3 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway had Jared Miley pick up his second win, while Dan Karalagas, Jake Simmons, J.E. Stalder, Brian Huchko and Trevor Gombach win on May 1, 2010


PITTSBURGH, PA - Jared Miley, South Park PA won his second feature of the young
season in a last turn pass in the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late Models.
Tony Musolino and Ben Miley brought the field down for the green, with Musolino
leading the first lap. On lap 2 Ben Miley grabbed the lead and led the next several
laps, with Musolino hot on his tail. On lap 6, Mike Basich hit the second turn wall
and rolled over, bringing out the red flag. Basich was OK. The race restarted with
Ben Miley in the lead and Musolino in second and sixth starting Jared Miley in third.
Jared Miley moved into second on lap 8 and into the lead past Uncle Ben on lap 10.
At that point the race looked to be over, as Jared seemed to be on cruise control
and opened up a big lead. However things don't always turn out the way they seem.
On lap 18 the second yellow of the race appeared, as Daryl Charlier spun in turn
 one. While lining the cars up officials informed Jared Miley that he had jumped
 on the lap 6 restart, and was being docked two spots on this restart. So that put
Ben Miley back up front with Musolino back in second. Ben Miley led the next 5 laps
before Musolino grabbed the lead. Musolino was looking as if he was going to grab
his first ever LM win, but Jared Miley made a wild last lap pass, getting by Ben
 Miley in the middle of three and then in four slid by Musolino to pick up the win.
Musolino settled for second, followed by Ben Miley, Steve Baker, who battled tooth
and nail with Jim Stephans in the last six laps, Stephans, Lynn Geisler, John Garvin,
Daryl Charlier, Jason Rider and Mike Johnson. Steve Baker and Jared Miley grabbed
the heats.

The Cadet Frenzoid 25 for the Sunoco Race Fuels DIRTcar Cadets saw McKees Rocks,
 PA's Jake Simmons pick up his first win of the season. Steve Webb and Joey Koteles
brought the field down for the start, but third starting and opening night winner
Dave McManus grabbed the lead on the first lap. McManus led thru lap 4, and on lap
5, 10th starting Jake Simmons took over. Simmons began to pull away from the field,
while the battle for second raged between Bob Schwartzmiller, Bob Heim and Dave
McManus. Heim took over the spot on lap 11. At this point Simmons had opened up
a big lead and looked well on his way to winning the event. However he developed
 an intermittent miss and some wondered if he would make it to the finish. Simmons
kept plugging away and it looked like he would make it, as long as there were no
 yellows. But the worst happened on lap 22 when the yellow waved and bunched the
 field up. The lap 22 yellow was the undoing for second running Heim, as he developed
problems and had to pit. On the restart Simmons led McManus and Nick Kocuba for
the green. On the last lap, McManus and Kocuba tangled on the front straight, setting
up an overtime two lap dash to the checker. Simmons had another good restart and
 held off Schwartzmiller for the win. Following the front running pair was Steve
 Webb in third followed by Joey Koteles, Shawn Thorn, Curt Bish, Mike Mohn, Dave
 Slade, Josh Langer and Dave McManus. The heats were taken by Jake Simmons and Shawn

The Brougher's Machine Shop Fastrak Late Models had Pittsburgh PA's Dan "The Greek"
Karalagas pick up his first ever PPMS win. Karalagas, who had won his first ever
 feature just a week before at the Dog Hollow Speedway, used a pole starting spot
to lead every lap of the main. Karalagas didn't have an easy time of it, as defending
champ and five time winner Kyle Lukon shadowed him the entire race.  At the finish
it was Karalagas, Kyle Lukon, Laura Lukon (who ran a stellar race to finish a strong
third), Mike Reft (making his first start of the season), Justin Lamb, Mark Moats
Jr., Colton Flinner, Derek Stefanick, Dusty Curry and Nico Dabecco. The two heats
saw Dan Karalagas and Mark Moats Jr. grab the wins. Terry Kerr flipped his #39 during
the feature, but was OK.

Martins Ferry OH's J.E. Stalder grabbed his second win of the season in the Miley
RV Service UMP Modifieds. Vince Laboon took the lead at the start of the 12 lap
main from his pole starting spot. Chris Basich took over on lap three and looked
 like he was well on his way to picking up the win. Stalder had other ideas though,
as he worked his way thru the field from 7th, and moved into second on lap 7. He
 ran down Basich, and made his move coming off turn four on the last lap to get
the win. Basich was a disappointing second, followed by Daryl Charlier, Clayton
Kennedy, Kevin Miller, Vince Laboon, Chuck Kennedy, Tom Martineck, Brad Westover
 and George Nicola. The heats had J.E. Stalder and Daryl Charlier take victories.

In the Miley BP Car Wash DIRTcar Hobby Stocks, saw McDonald PA's Brian Huchko grab
his second win of the season over Eric Goldberg, John Chipps, Ricky Steigerwald,
 and Robby Torrens. Brian Huchko also won the heat.

Trevor Gombach, Claridge PA picked up a career first win in the Imperial Heights
 Garage Young Guns, in only his second race. Gombach defeated Ricky Steigerwald,
 Daniel White, Joe Gombach III, Alec Broniszewski and Hannah Ramsey.

Coming up at PPMS in future weeks, on May 8 NAPA Parts Night, Wacky Wheels Figure
8's plus Motor Mama Prize Night.  The May 15th show is the first UFo F-2 Shockwave
vs ULMS DIRTcar Super Late Models twin 22 lap features, plus a regular show for
the other classes. On May 22 it will be a FREE Washington-Greene County night plus
a regular show. Regular shows at PPMS consist of DIRTcar Super Late Models, Cadets,
E-Mods, Hobby , Young Guns and FASTRAK Pro Lates.

SUMMARY - May 1, 2010
Hoosier Tire Mid-America DirtCar Super Late Models
Heats - 0 Steve Baker and H1 Jared Miley
Feature (25 Laps) - 1. H1 Jared Miley, 2. 21 Tony Musolino, 3. 99 Ben Miley, 4.
0 Steve Baker, 5. 38 Jim Stephans, 6. 1C Lynn Geisler, 7. J4 John Garvin Jr., 8.
 27C Daryl Charlier, 9. 76 Jason Rider, 10. 2J Mike Johnson, 11. 7M Michael Davis,
12. 71M Mike Basich
Brougher's Machine Shop FASTRAK Late Models
Heats - 1G Dan Karalagas and 15 Mark Moats, Jr.
Feature (18 Laps) - 1. 1G Dan Karalagas, 2. 1 Kyle Lukon, 3. 84 Laura Lukon, 4.
9R Michael Reft, 5. 93X Justin Lamb, 6. 15 Mark Moats Jr, 7. 75 Colton Flinner,
8. 44 Derek Stefanick, 9. 8 Dusty Curry, 10. 1 Nico DaBecco, 11. 5J Darrell Dow,
 12. 99G Beau Glemba, 13. 39 Terry Kerr, DNS - 09 Dennis Niederriter
Miley RV Service UMP Modifieds
Heats - 17JE J. E. Stalder and 12 Daryl Charlier
Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 17JE J. E. Stalder, 2. 71C Chris Basich, 3. 12 Daryl Charlier,
4. 9 Clayton Kennedy, 5. 4M Kevin Miller, 6. 17L Vince Laboon, 7. 7 Chuck Kennedy,
8. 65 Tom Martineck, 9. 13W Brad Westover, 10. 97 George Nicola, DNS - 13Y Bill
Sunoco Race Fuels DirtCar Cadets Sportsman
Heats - 68X Jake Simmons and 12 Shawn Thorn
Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 68X Jake Simmons, 2. 28S Bob Schwartzmiller, 3. 27W Steve
 Webb, 4. 33K Joe Koteles, 5. 12 Shawn Thorn, 6. 00 Curt Bish, 7. 39 Mike Mohn,
8. B4 Dave Slade, 9. 11 Josh Langer, 10. 17M Dave McManus, 11. 10 Nick Kocuba, 12.
92 Bobby Heim, 13. 1K Gary Koteles, 14. 64K Craig Koteles, 15. 39F Tyler Fox, 16.
1B Bill Robertson, 17. 45 Pat Weldon DNS - 60 Jim Ball
Miley BP Car Wash DirtCar Hobby Stocks Factory Stocks
Heat - 60H Brian Huchko
Feature (10 Laps) - 1. 60 Brian Huchko, 2. 25 Eric Goldberg, 3. 88 John Chipps,
4. 00F Ricky Steigerwald, 5. 221 Robby Torrens, DNS - 59 Butch Levandosky
Imperial Heights Garage DirtCar Young Guns Sport Compacts
Feature (8 Laps) - 1. 5T Trevor Gombach, 2. 4 Ricky Steigerwald, 3. 55 Daniel Lloyd
White, 4. 5F Joe Gombach III, 5. 08JR Alec Broniszewski, 6. 14HER Hannah Ramsey

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