June 12, 2010 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway

Date: 6/13/2010 1:04:51 PM

On June 12, 2010 at Pittsburgh's PA Motor Speedway on Colussy Chevy Night, Daniel
Angelicchio, won the Fastrak Grand Prix, John Flinner, Daryl Charlier, Chris Schneider,
Brian Huchko and Joe Gombach III won the other features.

PITTSBURGH, PA - June 12, 2010 -

The Brougher's Machine Shop Fastrak Pro Late Model Crates 25 Lap Grand Prix saw
Greensburg PA's Daniel Angelicchio pick up his first win of the season and first
since 2008, and his third career win. Rocky Kugel led the first three laps before
Mike Pegher Jr. took over on a restart. Pegher seemed to have things under control
pulling to over a straightaway over fellow two time winner this season Kyle Lukon.
A caution flew on lap 15 for the stalled Justin Lamb. On the restart, Kyle Lukon
 took over the lead as Pegher didn't seem to have the speed he had earlier. Then
 suddenly on lap 17 Pegher broke a wheel coming off turn four bringing out the caution.
Lukon again grabbed the lead and opened up a bit of a margin. Angelicchio moved
past Rocky Kugel for second, and seem to be closing on Lukon quickly. Then on lap
21 Lukon got a flat tire slowed and brought out the yellow. On the restart Angelicchio
pulled away to lead the last four laps for the win. Kugel had his best run of the
season to finish second followed by Mike Reft, Dennis Niederriter, Dan Karalagas,
newcomer Joel Prosser, Laura Lukon, Darrell Dow, Mark Moats Sr. (who was subbing
 for his son Mark Jr. who injured his arm in his heat), Ken Chernik, and newcomer
Ron Smithley. Mike Pegher Jr. and Daniel Angelicchio won the heats in the Crates.
Pete Loria took a wild end over end flip in the second heat on lap 2 while running
third in turn two. Pete was OK.

In the Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic DIRTcar Super Late Models Cranberry Township PA's
John Flinner picked up his first win of the season. Outside pole sitter Mike Norris
grabbed the lead at the start and led the first three laps before a yellow for a
 Tom Bateman spin.  On the restart Norris continued to lead with Flinner hot on
his heels. Norris bobbled a bit in one and two and that was all the cagey veteran
Flinner needed to get by and take the lead. Flinner, who started 5th, opened up
a lead, but Norris was not missing a beat running the best race of his young career.
Flinner weathered yellows on lap 16 and on lap 24, to pick up the win his 27th at
PPMS. Norris had a career best to finish a strong second, followed by Lynn Geisler
(in a spec car), John Garvin (in his best ever PPMS run), Jared Miley from 12th,
 Jason Rider, Mike Johnson, Brandon Burgoon, Ben Miley and Brandon Wearing. Jared
Miley and point leader Mike Johnson won the heats. It was Flinner's first win since
August of 2009, and since the death of his daughter, who he dedicated the win to
 and also to his mother, who has been ill.

The Miley RV Service UMP-Modifieds had Daryl Charlier, Midway PA end weeks of close
finishes to pick up his first win of the season. Charlier took advantage of a pole
starting spot to lead the entire 12 laps to the checker. Mike Basich, after missing
a couple weeks, finished a strong second followed by Clayton Kennedy, Kari Gasser,
Tom Martineck, Vince Laboon, Bruce Driestadt, Kevin Miller, Willy Briggs, and George
Nicola. J.E. Stalder and Tom Martineck grabbed the heats.

In the Sunoco Race Fuels DIRTcar Cadets. Chris Schneider Creighton PA, made his
first start of the season a winning one. Schneider started fourth and took the lead
on lap one and held off a pesky Pat Weldon grab the win. Gary Koteles was third
followed by Bob Heim, Bob Schwartzmiller, Craig Koteles, Russ Valponi,  Tyler Fox
, Simmons and Bill Robertson.  Joey Koteles and Chris Schneider took the two heats
. Schneider was driving the #8B usually driven by Bernie Blair. Point leader and
 three in row winner Jake Simmons started last and worked his way to fourth when
 he hit the wall on lap 14.

The Miley Car Wash DIRTcar Hobby Stocks saw Brian Huchko McDonald PA picked up his
fourth win of the season after a race long battle with Ed Wiser. At the flag it
was Huchko, Ken Puglisi Jr. , Ed Wiser Ricky Steigerwald and Jason Herniak. Brian
Huchko won the heat also.

In the Imperial Heights Garage DIRTcar Young Guns, Joe Gombach III, Claridge PA
defeated his brother, three time winner Trevor to pick up his second win of 2010.
Joe started on the pole. The pair was followed by Daniel White, Ricky Steigerwald,
Alec Broniszewski and Hannah Ramsey.

Coming up on June 19 will be the Hooiser Daddy prize night and Pittsburgh Circle
 Track Club Grandstand Night, The NAPA Free Night, plus Wacky Wheels Figure 8 Autocross,
and complete regular show. On Saturday June 26, the track will not be running for
the Firecracker 100, but the track will be running on Sunday June 27, with the 3
 Rivers Rampage DIRTcar Super Late Models $1,500 to win, E-Mods $450 to win, Cadets
$350 to win, Fastrak $550 to win, plus Hobby & Young Guns. On Saturday July 3 NAPA
Driver Autograph Night, Free 12 & Under Youth Sport/Scout in Uniform with prizes,
plus a complete regular show. Regular shows consist of the DIRTcar Super Late Models,
Fastrak Pro-Lates, DIRTcar E-Mods, Cadets, Hobby & Young Guns!

SUMMARY - June 12, 2010

Hoosier Tire Mid-America DirtCar Super Late Models

Heats - H1 Jared Miley and 2J Mike Johnson

Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 48 John Flinner, 2. 72 Mike Norris, 3. 1C Lynn Geisler, 4.
J4 John Garvin Jr., 5. H1 Jared Miley, 6. 76 Jason Rider, 7. 2J Mike Johnson, 8.
 17 Brandon Burgoon, 9. 99 Ben Miley, 10. B1 Brandon Wearing, 11. 1 Kyle Lukon,
12. 2M Charles Medved, 13. 86 Tom Bateman, 14. 21 Matt Lux, 15. 21 Tony Musolino

Brougher's Machine Shop FASTRAK Late Models

Heats - 1C Mike Pegher, Jr. and 14 Daniel Angelicchio

Feature (25 Laps) - 1. 14 Daniel Angelicchio, 2. 7KRT Rocky Kugel, 3. 9R Michael
 Reft, 4. 09 Dennis Niederriter, 5. 1 Dan Karalagas, 6. 77 Joel Prosser, 7. 84 Laura
Lukon, 8. 5J Darrell Dow, 9. 15 Mark Moats Sr. 10. C1 Ken Chernik, 11. 13S Ron Smithley,
12. 1 Kyle Lukon, 13. 1C Mike Pegher Jr., 14. 99G Beau Glemba, 15. 93X Justin Lamb,
16. 1 Nico Dabecco, 17. 44 Derek Stefanick, 18. 00 Josh Holtgraver, DNS - 11A Pete
Loria, 50T Tyler Carson

Miley RV Service UMP Modifieds

Heats - 17JE J. E. Stalder and Tom Martineck

Feature (12 Laps) - 1. 12 Daryl Charlier, 2. 71C Chris Basich, 3. 9 Clayton Kennedy,
4. 0K Kari Gasser, 5. 65 Tom Martineck, 6. 17L Vince Laboon, 7. 18D Bruce Dreistadt,
8. 4M Kevin Miller, 9. 18B Willy Briggs, 10. 97 George Nicola, 11. 13 Brad Westover,
12. 74 J. J. Bametzrieder, 13. 17JE J. E. Stalder, 14. 77 Shawn Graham

Sunoco Race Fuels DirtCar Cadets Sportsman

Heats - 33K Joey Koteles and 8B Chris Schneider

Feature (15 Laps) - 1. 8B Chris Schneider, 2. 45 Pat Weldon, 3. 1K Gary Koteles,
 4. 92 Bobby Heim, 5. 28S Bob Schwartzmiller, 6. 64K Craig Koteles, 7. 86 Russ Volponi,
8. 39 Tyler Fox, 9. 68X Jake Simmons, 10. 1B Bill Robertson, 11. 17 Dave McManus,
12. B4 Dave Slade, 13. 11 Josh Langer, 14. 81 Bob Betz, 15. 10 Nick Kocuba, 16.
33K Joe Koteles, 17. 33 Jennifer Barker, 18. 20 Mitch Wattelet

Miley BP Car Wash DirtCar Hobby Stocks Factory Stocks

Heat - 60 Brian Huchko

Feature (10 Laps) - 1. 60 Brian Huchko, 2. 1K Kenny Puglishi Jr., 3. OU2 Edward
Wiser, 4. 00 Ricky Steigerwald, 5. 97 Jason Herniak

Imperial Heights Garage DirtCar Young Guns Sport Compacts

Feature (8 Laps) - 1. 5F Joe Gombach III, 2. 5T Trevor Gombach, 3. 55 Daniel Lloyd
White, 4. 4 Ricky Steigerwald, 5. 08JR Alec Broniszewski, 6. 14 Hannah Ramsey

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