Redline Raceway May 22

Date: 5/26/2009 1:44:27 AM

Redline Raceway May 22
     Mother Nature kept the rain away for the second straight week at Redline Raceway.   A very large crowd was on hand and the pit area was filled up as well.
     The first division to give it a try were the Nationally Sanctioned I.M.C.A. Modifieds.  Rich McNeal from Troy,  Pa.,  with Monroeton's  Sonny Terry paced the 18 car  field to the start.  Terry grabbed the lead on the first lap with the 8 of Pat Carnes moving up to second.  Josh sawyer moved his 01 into second on lap 2 moving inside of the Carnes machine.  Fast Eddie Sites followed Sawyer and found himself into the third spot.  Sawyer on lap five powered past Terry taking over the top position with Sites in tow sliding into second.  Lap 8 Sawyer slipped up a bit in turn 4 collecting the 11k of Mark Griffin.  The following restart saw Sites as the leader with Scott Bennett in second and Sawyer retaining third.  Scott Bennett on lap 15 was putting heavy pressure on the leader Sites.  Bennett moved alongside of Sites on lap 17 and the two fought hard for the lead.  Bennett took over the top spot coming off turn two.  Sites and Sawyer battled hard side by side for second.  Sites drove past Sawyer on lap 19 and took over the runner up position.  Scott Bennett took his first win in 2009 with Ed Sites placing second and Josh Sawyer held onto third. 
     The Pure Stock division was on deck next to run their 20 lap event.  Jason Sullivan of Towanda with Chad Ely from Wyalusing led the 22 car field onto the raceway.  The green would wave but 2 cautions slowed the field by lap one.  The 57 of Ely suffered mechanical problems and retired to the pits.  Potrzebowski led the field with Sullivan giving chase.  Behind the front two veteran Gene Sharpsteen was moving up from his 14th starting position.  Sharpsteen powered past Brad Butcher on lap 4 to take over third spot.  Potrzebowski and Sharpsteen made it a 2 car breakaway by lap 15 with Sullivan,  Butcher,  and Eddie Hulslander giving chase.  Sharpsteen tried several times to get under Potrzebowski to make a bid for the lead but Potrzebowski was too strong and took his second win in 2009.  Gene Sharpsteen claimed second and Jason Sullivan had a good run finishing third.
     The Mini Stocks were staged and ready to run their respective feature event.  Shane Brown from Rome,  Pa.,  with Troy's Josh Collins led the 16 car field to the green flag.  Brown jumped out to the early lead with Collins sliding into second.  James Kriedler pulled alongside of Collins on lap two and took over the second spot  placing Collins back to third.  Kriedler Powered past Brown on lap 3 down the front stretch heading into corner one.  Kriedler continued to show the way at the half way point with Collins still in second.  Collins would suffer a flat tire on lap 17 giving second to the 6 of Ben Hulslander.  The Mini Stock feature plagued by 10 cautions would take the checkers from there as the 30 minute time limit expired.  James Kriedler took his second win of 2009.  Ben Hulslander claimed second and the 11 of Jake Snell took a respectable third. 
     The Hobby Stocks were set and ready to go next.  The 13 car field was led to the green by Wyalusing's James Belcher with Wayne Miller from Athens flanking him to the outside.  The racing action in this feature was very exciting all the way through.  The green fell and right off the battle for the lead was on.  Wayne Miller and James Belcher ran door to door the first lap around for the lead.  Miller edged out Belcher and would take the top spot on lap one.  Miller still led on lap 3 but behind him Andrew Doorman moved into second with Cody baker taking third.  The racing action was heating up by lap 5.  Six cars were running all in a pack for the lead.  Doorman was finally able to pull alongside the leading Miller.  Doorman was able to grab the lead coming off turn two.  James Freeman who started 7th on the grid was moving up fast.  Freeman would take away third spot in turn three on  lap 7.  Following a caution on lap 11 Doorman continued to lead with Freeman in tow.    Freeman was applying heavy pressure to the leader.  Freeman pulled even with Doorman down the back straight away on lap 14.  Freemen edged ahead in turn three to take the lead away from Doorman.  James Freeman took his second win of the year with Doorman finishing a close second and harry Ely crossed the stripe in third.  The Hobby Stocks for the second week in a row ran their 20 lap  event in just over 8 minutes. 
     The "Mighty" Modifieds slowly made their way onto the red clay for the final event of the evening.  Lake Ariel's Brian Malcolm with "Mr. Leak" David Calaman from Monroeton led the 22 car field to the start.  Malcolm powered to the green and would lead the first lap.  Calaman ran hard chasing the 119 for the lead.   Chris Shupp moved his machine into third spot moving inside Brent Boyer off turn one on lap two.  Malcolm still the leader at lap 10 had Calaman giving chase in second.  Chris Shupp followed in third with Kevin Hartnett holding down 4th.  Hartnett started to apply pressure to the Shupp machine and made a move on lap 17 to take third spot away.  That opened the door for  J.R. Crouse  as he slid into 4th placing Shupp back to fifth.  Malcolm went on to claim his second victory in as many weeks.  Calaman with a very good run finished a close second and Kevin Hartnett took third. 
      Matthews Trucking will present this weeks racing action.  All five divisions will be on hand to thrill the redline faithful.  Kiddie rides will be featured at intermission.  This will give the kids a chance to ride with their favorite drivers for a slow pace lap around the raceway.  Gates open at 5 warm ups a 7 qualifying at 8.   570-673-3176   570-364-8384
Thanks and we will see you at the races.
I.M.C.A. Modifieds:
Heat Winners:  Josh Sawyer,  Mark Griffin,  Lyle Smith
Feature Results:
1.   18s  Scott Bennett,  Waverly,  N.Y.
2.   15    Ed Sites,  Monroeton,  Pa.
3.   01    Josh Sawyer,  Lindley,  N.Y.
4.   11k  Mark Griffin,  Canton,  Pa.
5.     6    Lyle Smith,  Elkland,  Pa.
6.   86   John Ritter,  Troy,  Pa.
7.     7   Shawn Bruce,  Troy,  Pa.
8.   14s Sonny Terry,  Monroeton,  Pa.
9.    2t   Bruce Tinsley,  Gillette,  Pa.
10. 66   Wayne Baldwin,  Troy,  Pa.
11.   8   Pat Carnes,  Granville,  Pa.
12.  33r Ricky Hunsinger,  Stevensville,  Pa.
13.  33a   A.J. Hunsinger,  Stevensville,  Pa.
14.    3   Shawn Gowin,  Canton,  Pa.
15.   31  Victor McNeal,  Troy,  Pa.
16.  13  Larry Colton,  Troy,  Pa.
17.  68  Rich McNeal,  Troy,  Pa.
18.  27  Don Cole,  Canton,  Pa.
Pure Stock:
Heat Winners:  Jesse Kent,  Chad Ely,  A.J. Potrzebowski
Feature Results:
1.   72  A.J. Potrzebowski,  Elmira,  N.Y.
2.     7  Gene Sharpsteen,  Waverly,  N.Y.
3.   28  Jason Sullivan,  Towanda,  Pa.
4.   61  Brad Butcher,  Granville,  Pa.
5.   84  Jason Benjamin,  Towanda,  Pa.
6.   33  Ed Hulslander,  Troy,  Pa.
7.     3  Shannon Oswald,  Troy,  Pa.
8. 711 Rick Hand,  Waverly,  N.Y.
9.   26 Jesse Kent
10. 24  Dave Roberts,  Troy,  Pa.
11. J16  John Carnrike,  Chemung,  N.Y.
12.  31  Kyle Twigg,  Troy,  Pa.
13.  94  Bobby Hall Jr.,  Athens,  Pa.
14.  17  Matt Vinson,  Troy,  Pa.
15.  13  Doug Colton,  Troy,  Pa.
16.  M13 Ernie Martin,  Troy,  Pa.
17.   11  Lee Vinson,  Troy,  Pa.
18.  29  Bobby Maynard,  Townada,  Pa.
19.  57  Chad Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
20.  93  Bob Hall Sr.,  Ulster,  Pa. (dns)
21.  x100  Roger LeBlanc,  Troy,  Pa. (dns)
22.   15  Nick Robinson,  Chemung,  N.Y. (dns)
Mini Stock:
Heat Winners:  Shane Brown,  Josh Collins
Feature Results:
1.  79k  James Kriedler,  Dundee,  N.Y.
2.    6    Ben Hulslander,  Granville Smt. Pa.
3.  11   Jake Snell,  Towanda,  Pa.
4.  00x   Gregg Turner,  Sayre,  Pa.
5.  14  Eric Ellsworth,  Troy,  Pa.
6.  20  Billy Groover,  Troy,  Pa.
7.  95  Mike Navone,  Canton,  Pa.
8.  31  Shane Brown,  Rome,  Pa.
9.  81  Chad Roberts,  Rome,  Pa.
10.  9  Josh Collins,  Columbia Cross Roads,  Pa.
11. 30  J.R. Bush,  Elmira,  N.Y.
12.  23  Dusty Snell,  Towanda,  Pa.
13.   4   Rich Powell,  Rome,  Pa.
14.  66k  Kenneth Raymond,  Burlington,  Pa.
15.  93  Justin Hall,  Sayre,  Pa.
16.  P2  Travis parks,  Troy,  Pa.
Hobby Stock:
Heat Winners:  Tony Belcher,  James Freeman
Feature Results:
1.   8  James Freeman,  Westfield,  Pa.
2.  16  Andrew Doorman,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
3.  57  Harry Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
4.  51  Wayne Willer,  Athens,  Pa.
5.  47  James Belcher,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
6.  68  Tony Belcher,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
7.    7  Mike Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
8.  14  Cody Baker,  Troupsburg,  N.Y.
9.  22h  JR.  Hoppe,  Horseheads,  N.Y.
10.  4b  Kenny Benjamin,  Rome,  Pa.
11.  44b  Kurtis Benjamin,  Rome,  Pa.
12.  31  Curtis McCormick,  Dushore,  Pa.
13.  Rich Sinsabaugh,  Waverly,  N.Y.
"Mighty: Modifieds
Heat Winners:  Brian Malcolm,  David Calaman,  Brent Boyer
Feature Results:
1.  119  Brian Malcolm,  Lake Ariel,  Pa.
2.  13z  David Calaman,  Monroeton,  Pa.
3.   55  Kevin Hartnett,  Granville,  Pa.
4.  8Jr.  JR Crouse,  Nazareth,  Pa.
5.  3x   Chris Shupp,  Tunkhannock,  Pa.
6.  19  Brent Boyer,  Bloomsburg,  Pa.
7.  169  Josh Pursell,  Owego,  N.Y.
8.  34  Trevor Sutherland,  Dundee,  N.Y.
9.  71  Russ Zimmerman,  Tunkhannock,  Pa.
10.  37  Serenity Sutherland,  Dundee,  N.Y.
11.  1H  Terry Hough,  Corning,  N.Y.
12.  55x  Don Silvernail,  Gillette,  Pa.
13.  21  Chris Clemens,  Waverly,  N.Y.
14.  2d  Chad Dailey,  Elmira,  N.Y.
15.  24H  Justin Andrews,  Leighton,  Pa.
16.  832  J.T. McKernan,  Towanda,  Pa.
17.  24x  Jason Andrews,  Leighton,  Pa.
18.  7n  Bob Hamm,  Kirkwood,  N.Y.
19.  17  George Kostelansky,  Susquehanna, Pa.
20.  33  Tony Harris,  Painted Post,  N.Y.
21.  21x  Erioc Williams,  Horseheads,  N.Y. (dns)
22.  9cat Jared Keeney,  Canton,  Pa.  (dns)

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