Redline Raceway Matthews Trucking Night

Date: 5/31/2009 12:41:56 AM

Redline Raceway Matthews Trucking Night
by Eric Schrader
     Mother Nature blessed Redline Raceway with great weather for the third straight week.  With a very large well behaved crowd and the pit area full of race cars Granville was a great place to be Friday evening.
     Matthews Trucking of Canton,  Pa.,  was the evenings sponsor.  Following the qualifying rounds a Kiddie Ride session was held.  This gave the children a chance to ride with their favorite driver for two slow pace laps around the raceway.  Redline management would like to thank all the teams who participated with this session.  Your efforts are greatly appreciated.
     Following the Kid ride session it was time to get down to business.  Troy Pa's.,  Ernie Martin with Towanda's Bobby Maynard led the 20 car field to the green.  Martin led early as Maynard followed in second.  Shannon Oswald moved inside Maynard off turn 4 on lap 2 for second.  Nick Robinson with Shannon Oswald and Bobby Maynard made it a 3 way battle for the runner up position.  Robinson was able to power past off turn 4 to take that second spot.  Martin would continue to lead with the 72 of Potrzebowski moving up to second,  until   lap 11.  Martin would suffer a flat tire and would have to go to the pits.  That would inherit the lead for A.J. Potrzebowski and Nick Robinson following in second.  Robinson coming off the restart ran door to door with Potrzebowski and took the front spot on lap 12.  As the laps wound down Robinson and Potrzebowski made it a 2 car breakaway for the lead.  Nick Robinson would go on to take the checkers and his first win of 2009.  Potrzebowski claimed second and Brad Butcher with a great run took third.
     The Mini Stocks were staged and ready to go for their feature event.  Kenneth Raymond with Travis Parks led the 18 car field to the start.  James Kriedler took the lead on lap 3 with Gregg Turner running in second.  At the halfway point Kriedler continued to lead but the battle for second was getting very interesting.  Ben Hulslander ran to the inside of Turner off turn 4 on lap 11.  Hulslander took that spot away placing Turner back to third.  Kriedler went on to win his third feature in as many weeks.  Ben Hulslander finished second and Gregg Turner claimed third.
     The Hobby Stocks were next to take to the track.  Curtis McCormick with Kenny Benjamin led the 10 car field to the start.  The 68 of Tony Belcher took the lead early on with Kurtis Benjamin sliding his 4b machine into second by lap 2.  The front duo ran away from the rest of the field at the halfway mark.  Lap 15 the 4b of Benjamin was sticking to the leading Belcher machine like crazy glue.  Benjamin made his move on the very next lap and the front two crossed the stripe dead even.  They would run that way the next time around,  Benjamin was finally able to out muscle Belcher off turn 2 on lap 18.  As the leading Benjamin headed off into the third turn the 68 of Belcher made contact and sent the 4b around.  Both machines would restart at the tail end of the field.  That gave the 7 of Mike Ely the lead and Ely went on to take his first win of 2009.  James Freeman finished second and Harry Ely came home in third.
     The "Mighty" Modifieds were on deck next.  Jason Andrews with Terry Hough led the 18 car field to the start.  Andrews took the lead at the start.  Andrews still leading at halfway with Russ Zimmerman holding down second.  The man to watch back in the pack was the  8JR of JR Crouse.  Crouse moved into 3rd spot by lap 11 and by lap 15 powered past Russ Zimmerman for second.  Crouse was applying heavy pressure in the closing laps to the leader Andrews.  Andrews and Crouse crossed the stripe almost dead even as the checkers waved.  Jason Andrews took the win by a bumper,    JR Crouse who started 10th on the grid came home in second and Brian Malcolm who also started deep in the field quietly finished in third.
     Last but not least were the Nationally Sanctioned I.M.C.A. Modifieds.  Victor McNeal with Ray McClure took the 17 car field to the start.  McNeal bolted out to the lead with McClure trailing in second.  By lap 5 the 11k of Mark Griffin slid into third spot right behind McClure.  Griffin was able to move by the 15m of McClure on lap 13.  That move was short lived as Griffin broke heading into turn 4.  McNeal was still the leader with Josh Sawyer making some noise taking second away from McClure bringing Scott Bennett along in third placing McClure back to 4th.  Bennett was not finished as he took a shot at Sawyer on lap 18 moving his 18s into second.  The night however belonged to Victor McNeal as he took the win his first ever behind the wheel of a I.M.C.A. Modified.  Bennett claimed second and Josh Sawyer with an over extended left rear somehow held on to take 3rd.
     Redline will be in action again this Friday evening.  WTTC the Bridge will be on hand for a live remote broadcast.  There will also be a autograph session at intermission.  gates open at 5 warmups at 7 qualifying at 8.  57-673-3176.
Thanks and we will see you at the races........
Matthews Trucking Night Quick results
1.  15  Nick Robinson
2.  72  A.J. Potrzebowski
3.  61  Brad Butcher
4.  57  Chad Ely
5.   3  Shannon Oswald
6.  84  Jason Benjamin
7.  28  Jason Sullivan
8.  711  Rick Hand
9.   7  Gene Sharpsteen
10. 94  Bobby Hall Jr.
11.  29 Bobby Maynard
12.  33 Ed Hulslander
13.  110  Josh Ames
14.   11  Lee Vinson
15.  17  Matt Vinson
16.  M13  Ernie Martin
17.  26   Jesse Kent
18.  13  Doug Colton
19.  72x  Tammy Dixon
20.  31  Kyle Twigg (BF)
21.  24  Dave Roberts
Mini Stocks:
1.  79K  James Kriedler
2.   6  Ben Hulslander
3.  00x  Gregg Turner
4.   4   Rich Powell
5.  P2  Travis Parks
6.  11  Jake Snell
7.  20  Billy Groover
8.  95  Mike Navone
9.  23  Dusty Snell
10.  31  Shane Brown
11.  66k  Kenneth Raymond jr.
12.  14  Eric Ellsworth
13.  7  Zachary Bruce
14.  91  Justin Young
15.  81  Chad Roberts
16.   9  Josh Collins (MBF)
17.  54  Donnie Chilson (DNS)
18.  30  JR Bush (DQ)
Hobby Stock:
1.   7  Mike Ely
2.   8  James Freeman
3.  57  Harry Ely
4.  16  Andrew Doorman
5.  47  James Belcher
6.  51  Wayne Miller
7.  44b  Kurtis Benjamin
8.  68  Tony Belcher
9.   4B  Kenny Benjamin
10.  31  Curtis McCormick
"Mighty" Modifieds:
1.  24x  Jason Andrews
2.  8jr.  JR Crouse
3.  119  Brian Malcolm
4.   71  Russ Zimmerman
5.  169 Josh Pursell
6.   3x  Chris Shupp
7.  13z  Dave Calaman
8.  17  George Kostelansky
9.  19  Brent Boyer
10.  1H  Terry Hough
11.  14A  Brian Franko
12.  37  Serenity Sutherland
13.  21  Chris Clemens
14.  34  Trevor Sutherland
15.  832  J.T. McKernan
16.  55  Kevin Hartnett
17.  77x  Jeff Crambo
18.  55x  Bobby Silvernail (DNS)
I.M.C.A. Modified:
1.  31  Victor McNeal
2.  18s  Scott Bennett
3.  01  Josh Sawyer
4.  15m  Ray McClure
5.  27  Don Cole
6.  66  Wayne Baldwin
7.  2t  Bruce Tinsley
8.   7  Shawn Bruce
9.   3  Shawn Gowin
10.  11k  Mark Griffin
11.  13  Larry Colton
12.   6  Lyle Smith
13.  86  John Ritter
14.  15  Ed Sites
15.  14s Sonny Terry
16.  33r  Ricky Hubsinger
17.   8  Pat Carnes (DNS)

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