WYSOX NAPA NIGHT Redline Raceway Friday July 10th

Date: 7/13/2009 9:33:46 PM

WYSOX NAPA NIGHT Redline Raceway Friday July 10th
Granville,  Pa.
      The racing action returned to the Endless Mountains for the second week in a row last Friday evening.  Mother Nature paved the way for some of the most exciting racing action that Redline Raceway has had the  fortune of playing host too thus far in 2009. 
     The night's festivities started with a bicycle giveaway courtesy of the evening's sponsor Ed May of the Wysox NAPA Store.  Ed May not only donated bicycles but also provided many other door prizes to be distributed throughout the evening.  May also gave a little something extra to all the feature winners.  250 extra dollars to the Modified winner,  100 dollars extra for all the other divisional winners.    Redline would like to thank the Wsox NAPA for coming on board again this season. 
     The feature portion of the racing card was set to start after all of the festivities at intermission were completed.  The Nationally Sanctioned I.M.C.A. Modifieds would headline the show as it was their turn to run first on the racing card.  The I.M.C.A. feature field was led to the start by Rich McNeal and Don Cole.  Cole and McNeal ran hard the first lap side by side and Cole led at the stripe and took the field to turn one.  Caution fell over the field on lap 3 for an apparent fuel leak on the 7 of Shawn Bruce.   Cole took the green once again with John Ritter following in second and Mark Griffin riding in third.  Griffin ran hard into corner 1 the next time around and took the lead away passing Ritter and Cole.  Two laps later Scott Bennett took the inside away from Cole off turn 2 and took second spot.  Griffin was still the leader at halfway with Scott Bennett second and Lyle Smith found his way to third.  The front three broke away from the rest of the pack in the closing laps and it looked as if Griffin was going to take the checkers.  There would be one more yellow for a slow machine on the backstretch.  This set up a one lap shoot out to the finish between Griffin Bennett and Smith.  Griffin took the green and got a good jump and was able to take the checkers for his first win of the season.  Scott Bennett finished second and Lyle Smith claimed third. 
     The Pure Stocks being led by Jason Sullivan and Bobby Hall Jr. took the 18 pure stock feature field to the start.  Caution would wave with no laps complete as this would be a pattern through out the  20 lap event.  The green did finally wave and A.J. Potrzebowski who started 6th on the grid  took the lead on lap 1.   Several cars tangled in turn 2 and brought out another yellow.  At the restart Potrzebowski led the field with Bobby Maynard right behind in second.  Nick Robinson ran inside of Maynard to take away second down the back stretch.  Maynard fought hard with Robinson not wanting to give away the runner up position.   The group headed for turn two and Robinson went around as Shannon Oswald who was running behind Robinson made slight contact.  Oswald would have to restart from the tail end of the field.  Potrzebowski continued to lead at lap 10 but Maynard was right there as well in second.  Following a caution two laps later Jason Benjamin made a bid for second as he ran inside of Maynard down the back chute.  Potrzebowski still the leader had a bumper full of Jason Benjamin.  The white flag waved and Benjamin was desperately trying everything he could to get by the 72 of Potrzebowski.  The 72 was very strong off turn 4 and took the checkers with Benjamin very close behind in second and Bobby Maynard took a well deserved third.
     The Mini Stocks entered  the raceway next as they were set to run for their big money show.  300 dollars on the line plus the extra 100 dollars put up by the WYSOX NAPA store.  Chad Roberts and Kenneth Raymond took 18 Mini Stocks to the green.  Chad Roberts led early but that lead was short lived as Dusty Snell took that lead position away on lap 3.   Roberts would fight back and retake the lead on lap 4 with Rich Powell in second the James Kriedler running in third.  Kriedler ran inside of of Powell as the pack shot down the back stretch and was able to move into second placing Powell back to third.  The very next lap Kriedler went for the lead off turn 1 placing Roberts back to second.   At the halfway point Kriedler was out front with the 48 of Rich Powell now taking over second and Roberts trailing in third.  Two laps later Roberts would lose third spot to the 6 of Ben Hulslander.  The entire field was chasing the leader Kriedler as he was now out in front by a straightaway with Powell a solid second and Hulslander a strong third.  The checkers waved for the 79k of Kriedler who was apparently going to take his 6th feature win and a stronghold on the points chase.  Powell crossed second and Hulslander settled for a hard fought third.   The 79k entered victory lane but the celebration was short lived as the post race tech inspection found the winning machine to be illegal.  This inherited the win to a very surprised Rich Powell who took the 400 dollar payday.  Hulslander took second and Gregg Turner was bumped up to third.
     The Hobby Stocks went green with Curtis McCormick and Kurtis Benjamin taking the green.  The 16 Hobby Stock field ran hard to turn one,  the field ran up off turn two as the battle for the lead went four wide down the back stretch.  The 51 of Wayne Miller came out on top and would be credited for leading the first lap.  The war for second went on between Kurtis Benjamin and James Belcher.  Belcher running outside of Benjamin took the second position placing Benjamin back to third.  Belcher was not done yet as he went after the front spot off turn 4 on lap 4.  Benjamin was able to power his machine past Wayne Miller to hold down second.  The front two machines of Belcher and Benjamin ran side by side for laps 9 and 10.  At the same time Miller and Cody Baker was door to door for third.  Baker would eventually take over third by lap 15.  The leaders still did not have the lead settled.  Benjamin ran dead even with Belcher for laps 15 through 18.  The 47 of James Belcher was able to retake the lead and cross the line first as the checkers waved.  Kurtis Benjamin gave it all he had and took a very hard fought second with Cody Baker taking third.
     The "Mighty" Modifieds were the last event on WYSOX NAPA NIGHT.  Bobby Silvernail with defending champion Brent Boyer led the 13 Modified feature field to the green flag start.  The field was perhaps a little thin in numbers but that did not mean that the action would be any less than usual.  Boyer shot out to the early lead with Chris Shupp running up to second.  Shupp who looked very fast in the qualifying session earlier in the evening took the lead away from Boyer on lap 6.  Boyer found himself in another dogfight as the 55 of Kevin Hartnett ran inside off turn 4 on lap 7 .  Boyer fought back on lap 10 as he and Hartnett ran dead even for laps 10, 11,  and 12.  Boyer was finally able to edge ahead of Hartnett and retake second.  Why are we only talking about second? Well it is because the 3x of Shupp was in a completely different time zone out in front.  By the 18th lap Shupp had over a straight away advantage over Boyer and the rest of the field.  With two laps to go Hartnett dove to the inside of Boyer as Boyer slid up the racetrack a bit in turn 2 to take second.  That move would prove to be a crucial one two laps later.  With the white flag in sight the 3x of Shupp suddenly  pulled into the infield with transmission problems. This gave the lead to the 55 of Hartnett.  Kevin Hartnett took the victory and the extra 250 dollars courtesy of the WYSOX NAPA.  Boyer claimed second and out of no where Brian Malcolm quietly took third. 
     This Friday evening it will be P.D. Pepper and Family night.  There will be an autograph session at intermission.  This will give the fans a chance to meet and greet the stars of Redline up close and personal.   Gates open at 5 warm ups at 7 and qualifying at 8 p.m.  For more information www.redlineraceway.net or call 570-673-3176 or 570-364-8384 race day. 
     Thank you everyone for your continued support and we will see you at the races!!!!!!!  thanks   Eric.............
I.M.C.A. Modifieds:
Heat Winners:  Ed Sites,  Mark Griffin
Feature Results:
1.  11k  Mark Griffin,  Canton,  Pa.
2.  18s  Scott Bennett,  Waverly,  N.Y.
3.     6   Lyle Smith,  Elkland,  Pa.
4.  15    Ed Sites,  Monroeton,  Pa.
5.  86    John Ritter,  Troy,  Pa.
6.  27    Don Cole,  Canton,  Pa.
7.  2t     Bruce Tinsley,  Gillette,  Pa.
8.    7    Shawn Bruce,  Troy,  Pa.
9.  14s  Sonny Terry,  Monroeton,  Pa.
10.  68  Rich McNeal,  Troy,  Pa.
11.  66  Wayne Baldwin,  Troy,  Pa.
12.  13  Larry Colton,  Troy,  Pa.
13.    3  Shawn Gowin,  Canton,  Pa.
14.  31  Victor McNeal,  Troy,  Pa.
Pure Stocks:
Heat Winners:  Chad Ely,  Nick Robinson,  A.J. Potrzebowski
Feature Results:
1.  72  A.J. Potrzebowski,  Elmira,  N.Y.
2.  84  Jason Benjamin,  Towanda,  Pa.
3.  29  Bobby Maynard,  Towanda,  Pa.
4.  28  Jason Sullivan,  Towanda,  Pa.
5.  36  Mike Koser,  Troy,  Pa.
6.  11  Lee Vinson,  Troy,  Pa.
7.  17  Matt Vinson,  Troy,  Pa.
8.  15c  Jeremiah Clonch,  Cheming,  N.Y.
9.   57   Chad Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
10.  x100 Roger LeBlanc,  Troy,  Pa.
11.  31  Kyle Twigg,  Troy,  Pa.
12.  61  Brad Butcher,  Granville,  Pa.
13.  47  Josh Marrow,  Waverly,  N.Y.
14.    3  Shannon Oswald,  Mt. Lake,  Pa.
15.  93  Bobby Hall Jr.,  Athens,  Pa.
16.  15  Nick Robinson,  Chemung,  N.Y.
17.  110  Josh Ames,  Ridgeberry,  Pa.
18.  M13  Ernie martin,  Troy,  Pa.
Mini Stock:
Heat Winners:  Ben Hulslander,  James Kriedler,  Eric Ellsworth
Feature Results:
1.  48    Rich Powell,  Rome,  Pa.
2.    6    Ben Hulslander,  Granville Summit,  Pa.
3.  00x  Gregg Turner,  Sayre, Pa.
4.  81   Chad Roberts,  Rome,  Pa.
5.  95   Mike Navone,  Canton,  Pa.
6.  P2  Travis parks,  Troy,  Pa.
7.  30   J.R. Bush,  Elmira,  N.Y.
8.  31   Shane Brown,  Rome,  Pa.
9.  66k  Kenneth Raymond,  Burlington,  Pa.
10.  68  Ed Navone,  Canton,  Pa.
11.  11  Jake Snell,  Townada,  Pa.
12.  91  Justin Young,  Canton,  Pa.
13.  23  Dusty Snell,  Towanda,  Pa.
14.    9  Josh Collins,  Troy,  Pa.
15.    7  Zack Bruce,  Troy,  Pa.
16.  14 Eric Ellsworth,  Troy,  Pa.
17.  20  Billy Groover,  Troy,  Pa. (DNS)
18.  79K  James Kriedler,  Dundee,  N.Y.  (D.Q.)
Hobby Stock:
Heat Winners:  James Freeman,  Kurtis Benjamin
Feature Results:
1.  47    James Belcher,  Wyalusing,  pa.
2.  44b  Kurtis Benjamin,  Rome,  Pa.
3.  14    Cody Baker,  Troupsburg,  N.Y.
4.    8    James Freeman,  Westfield,  Pa.
5.  57    Harry Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
6.  17    Bob Schultz,  Rome,  Pa.
7.  31    Curtis McCormick,  Dushore,  Pa.
8.    7    Mike Ely,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
9.  68   Tony Belcher,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
10.  16  Andrew Doorman,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
11.  21  Rick Sinsabaugh,  Waverly,  N.Y.
12.  10  Tyler Belcher,  Wyalusing,  Pa.
13.  51  Wayne Miller,  Athens,  Pa.
14.  62  Brandon Hillyard,  New Albany,  Pa.
15.  4b  Kenny Benjamin,  Rome,  Pa.
16.  11  Mark Griffin,  Canton,  Pa.  (DNS)
"Mighty" Moedified:
Heat Winners:  Chris Shupp,  Brian Malcolm
Feature Results:
1.  55  Kevin Hartnett,  Granville,  Pa.
2.  19  Brent Boyer,  Bloomsburg,  Pa.
3. 119  Brian Malcolm,  Lake Ariel,  Pa.
4.  13z  David Calaman,  Monroeton,  Pa.
5.  71    Russ Zimmerman,  Tunkhannock,  Pa.
6.  55x  Bobby Silvernail,  Gillette,  Pa.
7.  24x  Jason Andrews,  Leighton,  Pa.
8.  21    Chris Clemens,  Waverly,  N.Y.
9.  3x     Chris Shupp,  Tunkhannock,  Pa.
10.  6b  Ray Dann,  Pine City,  N.Y.
11.  B52  Bernie Griffin,  Peckville,  Pa..
12.  52     Gary Griffin,  Archibald,  Pa.
13.  37  Serenity Sutherland,  Dundee,  N.Y.  (DNS)

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