NASCAR Updates Points System For The Whelen All-American Series…….

Date: 11/28/2009 1:27:39 PM

News and Notes From The Old Dominion Speedway…….
November 28, 2009
From: Dave Menefee 

NASCAR Updates Points System For The Whelen All-American Series…….

News from NASCAR is that the point system for 2010 will change slightly from this past season. In 2009, the points system for the NASCAR National Championship was based on a 23 car field, which meant that the winner would receive a maximum point total of 46 points for a win. Fields larger than 23 cars would not affect the total win point total. This season NASCAR has dropped the maximum field total to 20 cars, which means the winner would receive a maximum point total of 40 points. Fields larger than 20 cars will still not affect the point total. The 5 point bonus for the driver winning an event remains the same. In addition, NASCAR has given the individual tracks an option as to whether or not they would use the 5 point bonus system for the support classes. Old Dominion Speedway has chosen not to use this option for their support divisions. 

NASCAR has also dropped the age limit for support divisions only, to 14 years old. The age limit for a premier series division is 16 years of age.

NASCAR has also extended the Weekly Series point deadline one week for 2010. The final event for NASCAR points across the country is now September 19th. 

Old Dominion Speedway has added the Mid-Atlantic Street Stock Series to the list of NASCAR sanctioned events run in 2010.

The 2010 Old Dominion Speedway schedule is almost complete. As it stands now, there will be 2 open practice sessions scheduled for Saturday March 27th, and Saturday April 3rd. Opening night activities are scheduled for Saturday night, April 10th. 

The Old Dominion Kart Series will be announcing their 2010 schedule in the next few weeks. Included is an extended schedule for the popular Bandolero division. Looks like there could be upwards of 10 races in 2010 on Saturday nights.

The Old Dominion Speedway oval track banquet is scheduled for Saturday night, February 13th. The annual MARF banquet is scheduled is scheduled for Saturday night, January 23rd. 

Old Dominion Speedway is currently working on an ODS Stock Car Racing Reunion, which will be a gathering of stars and cars from the past who have raced at ODS. If you know of anyone who has been a part of history at ODS, contact them and have them get in touch with the speedway for further details. The tentative date for the ODS Racing Reunion is July 27th.

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