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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE---THANK YOU                                                                                                                                                                                                                          MARCH 9, 2019                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  CONTACT:  BOB MILLER: 443-513-4456                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RELEASE PREPARED BY:  JUSTIN BELTRAME & STEVE PADOS


The Twelfth Annual Quaker Steak & Lube Dirt Track Heroes Show completed its week long run at the Phillipsburg Mall over the weekend and the event staff never skipped a beat with great shows and good crowds each night and interviews with a host of legendary racers that whisked us back to the "Golden Era" of the sport. The event was brought to a blazing finish Saturday afternoon as the Flemington Speedway Historical Society headed up by President Dennis Tretter and help from Sandy Bate offered a great tribute to one of the all-time legends of dirt track racing, “The Old Master” Frankie Schneider.  The Saturday event was sponsored by Premio Foods, R& H Auto Sales, APS Powdercoating and Murante Auto Repair. Premio Foods, which sponsors the efforts of Willie Osmun, Sammy Martz and Steve Davis, offered giveaways throughout the final day at the show along with a sausage eating contest and the first time event added to the luster of the show and by the many handouts to the fans in the Mall. Please check out out their fine product line and their fine recipe page at:
The Quaker Steak & Lube Dirt Track Heroes staff would like to thank all of the racing fans, drivers, sponsors and vendors for their support, dedication and patience in making the show not only a great success but a keepsake remembrance to keep the past, present and future of racing alive and well. . Quaker Steak & Lube was the headline sponsor for the event and amazing associate sponsorship was provided through IRCO Community Federal Credit Union, Premio Foods, JPA Masonry, Smith Fabrications/Stage One Modifieds, Phillipsburg Easton Honda, Hamlin Speedway/S&S Speedways, R&H Auto Sales, Jeff's Automotive, Murante Auto Repair, Speed Tec, Adams Brothers Used Auto Parts, Upstate Auto, APS Powdercoating, A.R.M Automotive, Smitty's Collision Center, Carls Auto Repair, Dean Autosports and Joe’s Garage.  Nightly interviews and race cars from all divisions provided the race fans a full appetite of racing fun before the regular 2019 racing seasons begins. Mike Vecchio from the Mud Boss racing series, brought along many of his scaled racers and put on racing exhibitions throughout the day.
With the eclectic Quaker Steak & Lube Restaurants the lead sponsor of the event, the excitement and the pulse for the week long show was at full tilt with each day as the diverse schedule of the week long show offered a bit of everything to all racing fans. The 55 stores making up Quaker Steak & Lube annually sell more than 80 million wings per year and "The Lube" is recognized as "The best wings in the USA." The Phillipsburg location has also been dubbed "The Official Restaurant of the Dirt Track Heroes" show. To contact the restaurant, call: 908-454-2900 or check out their website at: Before or after the show head to Quaker Steak & Lube and get recharged and refueled in a great sports setting. The Dirt Track Heroes staff thanks the great staff at Quaker Steak & Lube for a fun-filled week at the Mall and their fine establishment. Ed Pados offered a beautiful prayer moment to all of the drivers that have passed away or are suffering healthwise at the beginning of the event.
Emcee Justin Beltrame, with the assistance from Ed and Steve Pados and Alex Greenzweig worked overtime throughout the week to keep the shows rolling along each day and evening. IRCO Vice President Greg Collins thanked the local racing community for their continuous support of the event and talked of the various offerings from the IRCO group and pointed out the IRCO commitment to the show since the show first began in 2008. The St John’s Angels Relay For Life Team was on hand raising money for Cancer Research. 

The event produced a who’s who in Stock car racing as drivers, owners and the Schneider Family gathered to honor one of the great legends in racing. Gary Tetz, Gerald Chamberlain, Sammy Beavers, Stan Ploski, Jay Aten, Jimmy Bowen, Gary Gollub, Billy Tanzish, Mr. Del George, Ken Brenn Sr, Walt Emery, Ray Liss, Larry High, Bobby Rossell. Drew Fornora, Fritz Epright, Bull Kerchner, Charlie Shire, and Bob Schmidt were on hand for the show.

The First Annual Premio Foods Sausage Eating Contest took place with High School Wrestler Ben Temples knocking down a new record with a two minutes and twenty second clocking for his plate of delicious Premio Sausage. Temples earned a $100.00 Gift Cerificate for his performance. Eric Pearson, the owner of Crawdaddy’s Restaurant in Phillipsburg, New Jersey finished second with a two minute and 49 second time to earn fifty dollars and Sue Gerhardt was third and earned $25.00. Other participents included Pat Strathern, Robin Dehart, Greg Collins, Gramps Strathern and Joe the Pizza Dude. Joe Brown from Snydersville Raceway served as the EMT for the event.
The great fan base of racing came out to the Mall event and were transported back to a time when they could hop into their family jitney and travel less than a half hour to witness the excitement of a night at the races.  All historical racing groups including Reading, Flemington, Harmony through Greg Collins, Tri State, Friends of Nazareth, Dorney Park, Bob Snyder Photos and Snyder Video, Mike Ritter Photos and Archie Myers/Harmony and Wayne Sayer had their memorabilia on display and their many scrapbooks were open for the fans to take another long look at the glory years of racing to possibly find a picture or two they wanted to purchase as a keepsake from past glory or racing exploits.  More information regarding Dirt Track Heroes is available by calling: 443-513-4456 or contacting Justin Beltrame at: 484-772-7184 or at:

Special thanks to Quaker Steak & Lube, IRCO and all of the great associate sponsors for their outstanding support of this event.  Watch for Quaker Steak & Lube at the Thunder on the Hill events at the Grandview Speedway.
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Thank You To The Racing Community For A Lifetime Of Great Memories

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