Patriots Double for Stillwaggon

Date: 6/18/2017 7:37:30 PM

Robbie Stillwaggon and the Quality Auto Body #89 team headed north to Outlaw Speedway on Friday night to compete with the Patriot Sprints Tour.  Stillwaggon was one of 20 cars signed into Outlaw Speedway and started in the 4th position for heat race #3.  Stillwaggon brought home the heat race win automatically transferring into the feature event. 

Stillwaggon started in the 7th position for the 25-lap feature event and was into the top 5 by lap 6.  A lap 6 caution for the 4th place running Paulie Colagiovanni moved Stillwaggon up to the 4th position on the restart where the 89 team would finish the event.

After heading south towards Selinsgrove Speedway, Stillwaggon had enough time to service the car before pulling into the pit area of the fast mile facility.  Stillwaggon was one of 29 cars signed into the pit area and timed in the 14th position.  Stillwaggon started heat race 2 in the 5th position and worked his way up to 4th advancing into the feature event.

Stillwaggon started the 25-lap feature event in the 11th position advancing into the top 10 by lap 7 and into the 8th running position by lap 8.  Stillwaggon picked off another spot and was into 7th by lap 12 where he brought home the 89 car. 

Stillwaggon will now have many options for next weekend as the Capitol Renegade United Racing Club will visit the Big Diamond Speedway on Friday night.  The Empire Super Sprints are at the Merritville Speedway on Saturday night and the Patriot Sprint Tour is at Stateline Speedway on Saturday night the 24th. 

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