The Friends of Mike would like to thank the following:

Date: 7/30/2007 8:00:42 AM

The Friends of Mike would like to thank the following:

First and foremost Bill Miscoski and Fred Vahlsing, for not only hosting this event at New Egypt Speedway but, donating abundantly to help reach our monetary goal. We would like to thank the entire NES staff for working with us and helping out with everything we needed.

The entire Section 6 Grandstand: Mike Manger & Family, Harvey-Jimmy-& Kerrie Towles, Sparky, Joey, Dave Bailey, Bob, JAG, Linda, Steve, Alice, Scotty, Dave, Don, Big John, Cheri, Dan, Rich, Ron & Russ Rue, Randy, HooHa, Joey, Tom Hamill, Tar-Car, and Gram

BRB Construction, Jim Mich, Reid Sod Farm, Beth Wescott & Rick Laubach, Jane Steranko, Craig Von Dohren Racing, Jason Hamilton Racing, Gary Tomkins Racing, Mick Search Racing, Ron John Koczon Racing, AFX Fencing, McGuire AFB, Jeff Patterson, Garry Morris, Chad Sinon, Bubba, A-1 Racing Products, Roveda Speed & Custom, Metal Fab & Mark Blackwell, Greg Heiser & Family, Frank Dougherty, Michael Brothers Racing, Blewett Motorsports & Grandpa, Rusty Turbush & Family, Sandy and David Levy, Lisa Casagrande, Mary Serrano, Cheney Motorsports, Friends of Barbara Horseshoe League, Pioneer Pole Buildings & Bob Greene, Jason Dunn Racing, Rick Cozze, Chris Bennett Racing, Justin & Bill Paulmenn Racing, Everett Taylor Racing, Cody Hager, Eddie Bohn, Kenny Leach & Family, Rob-RJ7 Crew, Kim Ryan, Liz Idell, Billy Pauch Jr. Racing, David Van Horn Racing, Ricky Elliott Motorsports, Jim Brown Photos, Kenny Pettyjohn Racing, Kenny Brightbill Racing, John Salvatore Jr. Racing, Mike Krachun Racing, Jim Brown Photography, Earl Megill Collectables, E-Action Photos-Lee Smith, Double H Racing Photos-Pete MacDonald, Bob Yurko Photography, Donald Miller & 126 Team, Warren Alston, Suitcase and DIRT, Frank Cozze Racing, ASI-Rob, Ian Borden, Phil (Tow Truck), Blue Monkey Sports Restaurant, Keith & Tiffany Hoffman, Curt Michael Racing, Jesse Marks, Diane Tracey & Dave Pratt, Jim Scherer, Billy Tanner Motorsports, Big Ron’s Signs, Dave Hunt & Matt Sheppard for displaying the ‘Friends of Mike’ logo, Bobby Pickell, Joe-3-Wide, NES Fuel Guy aka Pimples, Brett Hearn Racing, TK High Performance, Agin Signs, Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, Hoff‘s Electrical Service, Rich Rutski & Stacey, Frank Cozze Jr., Plaque It Collectables, Pro Detailing/Frank Jones, Nixon Motorsports for providing our T-Shirts, Art’s Radiator, the NES hostesses, Nick Leach, and Pete Wortman.

I would like to send an extra big thank you to the following: Jeff Boekhout from Central Jersey Signs who designed the checks and provided anything at request with his great art work. Tim Moran of Tim’s Racing Photos for the countless beautiful pictures donated upon request after request. Amy Connor for handling and keeping track of all of the envelopes containing almost $25,000 we gave to the drivers. Jim & Michelle Brown for running the Chinese Auction and distributing the hundreds of prizes to all of the NES fans….you did a great job Brownie.

I’m truly sorry if I forgot anyone…it was a very hectic day/week/month…lol. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart and can’t wait to do it again in 2008.

- Danny Serrano

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