Get Well Wishes to Larry Valeriano

Date: 2/17/2009 8:49:12 PM

FROM:   Reading Racing Reunion & Car Show

As we approach the 24th Annual Reading Racing Reunion & Car Show, as
well as the thirtieth year since the closing of the Reading Fairgrounds,
lets always remember what this show is all about.  The memories, the
great races at what could be the greatest race track of all time, and of
course, lets remember the people who made the Reading Fairgrounds what
it was.

One of the all time greats in Reading flat head competition, Larry
Valeriano,  is very sick and could be a battle for his life.   Larry was
one of the most colorful drivers in the history of Reading, please keep
him in your thoughts and prayers.

Cards of Cheer will reach Larry at:
Mr. Larry Valeriano
4228 10th Avenue
Temple, PA  19560

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