Date: 7/26/2009 10:17:58 PM

The true glory days of dirt track racing of the past live on as strong as ever if the large crowd that turned out for Sunday's Dirt Track Race Cars, Drivers & Memorabilia Show at the 72nd  Warren County Farmers Fair was any indication.
The well organized and excellently received show that was presnted by the Harmony Speedway Historical Society brought back many a vivid memory to those that attended the racing events at Harmony, Nazareth and Reading among other places.
A large fan turnout was noticeably delighted to once again have the oppurtunity to relive the glorious era with the "Dirt Track heroes" race drivers that made those times so special to so many.
Among those drivers in attendance were such lasting fan favorites as Sammy Beavers, Billy Osmun, Carl Van Horn, Freddy Adam, Bob Pickell, Red Coffin, Tighe, Butch Green, Wyatt Jacobus, Joe Poliachik, Wyatt Jacobus, Gary Gollub, Alan Carter, Jr., along with late arrivals Billy Pauch Sr. and Jr. and many others.Also on hand for the festivities was noted race car owner from the past, Lou Inzio, who made the long trip from his now home of Pamplin, Virginia to make the show and renew old times with many old friends.
Two big highlights of the day was long time race driver, promoter and jack of all trades at a race track, Ward Crozier, being specially honored by the HSHS and a racing standout for the past four decades who has recently incurred some serious health problems, Tom Hager, making an appearence.
"This marks the first time I have been out of the house since February and it sure feels great," said Hager. "I plan to return to racing once again as soon as my health issues allow it."
Harmony Speedway Historical Society president Archie Myers and vice president Greg Collins should be commended for organziing and presenting such a wonderful day loaded with so many memories of the true glory days of dirt track racing in these parts.

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