NJSP Racing Control Statement Ref: Impact Racing

Date: 4/2/2010 12:03:03 AM

NJSP Racing Control Statement Ref: Impact Racing
The New Jersey State Police, who regulate auto racing throughout the State, are aware of the recent developments affecting Impact Racing LLC and their pending SFI decertification.


Our office has been receiving calls concerning this issue and we are using the SJDR Message Board to hopefully provide some clarification on how these developments will affect our application of N.J.A.C. Title 13, Chapter62 - Motor Vehicle Race Track Regulations.


The following information is offered with specific regard to Oval Racing in New Jersey (Bridgeport Speedway, New Egypt Speedway, Wall Stadium). 


1.  It is our understanding that the decertification does not become effective until April 27, 2010.


2.  Impact helmets are not affected by the SFI decertification.  New Jersey requires helmets used for oval racing to meet or exceed the latest Snell SA rating.  Impact helmets are permitted for use during the 2010 season.


3.  Statutorily speaking, New Jersey's regulations with regard to driver fire resistant clothing make no specific reference to a mandatory SFI certification requirement in the Administrative Code (13:62-4.25).  Therefore, the following fire-resistant clothing; one-piece firesuits, fire resistant underwear, gloves, shoes, and socks manufactured by Impact would be in compliance if you already own them and present them for Technical Inspection this season.


4.  Driver Restraints, as listed in 13:62-4.7, also make no specific reference to a mandatory SFI certification requirement in the Code for Oval Racing.  Therefore, just like the fire resistant clothing, if your race car has Impact driver restraints installed and you present the vehicle for Technical Inspection, your vehicle will be in compliance provided they are no older than two years beyond the date of manufacture and are in good condition. 

    Technical Inspectors have been directed by our office to check driver restraints very closely this year to ensure proper installation and locking of the three bar slide adjuster, webbing geometry, and overall wear.  Cars presented for Tech may be refused participation by any Inspector who deems an unsafe condition.     


     New Jersey's Motor Vehicle Racing Regulations can be found on-line at:




     The information provided regarding Impact Racing does not apply to Road Course Racing, Drag Racing, Karting, and Quarter Midgets which are regulated under separate sub-chapters of the State Administrative Code, N.J.A.C. 13:62-3, 13:62-5, 13:62-8, and 13:62-12A respectively as well as the NHRA, WKA and QMA rules.   


     Please understand that this information is offered only to explain the implication of the SFI decertification of Impact Racing and is relation to New Jersey racing law.  Our office is not  endorsing nor denouncing Impact Racing equipment by way of this information.  If you own Impact Racing equipment and are unsure of its authenticity or construction, you are urged to contact Impact Racing, LLC.  


     We will continue to monitor the litigation between SFI and Impact Racing as new information surfaces concerning the alleged counterfeiting practices.  An appeal has been filed by Impact Racing and a hearing is scheduled for April 1, 2010.  Based on developments, we may need to alter the information provided today.  However, at this time, we offer this posting as some guidance for those of you caught in this situation and have questions.


Thank You,

Sgt. Steve Slimowicz

NJSP Racing Contro


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