Kingsway Baptist Church Pine Car Derby

Date: 4/9/2010 12:05:40 AM

Kingsway Baptist Church Pine Car Derby
Race cars needed.....  We are having our annual Pine Car Derby at Kingsway Baptist Church on this Sat. April 10, and are in need of a few Race Cars for our kids to check out. In the past drivers have shown up and have been great.  Our event starts at 11am with lunch provided.
I understand some conflicts with your races may occur, but if any drivers could show up with cars for a few hours it would be great. You can contact me at 215-605 7707.
BERNIE KORVELL, if you get this mesage please give me a call as you said you would be able to attend when I stopped by to see you 2 weeks ago.
Thanks all, Joe Retkowski

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