New Issue of Strapped In

Date: 7/10/2011 8:12:55 PM

New Issue of Strapped In
The 30th Issue of Strapped In features the TQ of noted indoor racer Timex Morgan in the Dunkin Donuts # 2.
Timex is seen in action on the tough Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall 1/12th mile indoor track,made around an existing hockey rink.

Among the 40 pages are over 100 racing photo from current races to the famous archives sections.Special sections are Back to the Speedways which include racing action from Williams Grove,Grandview,Kutztown,Shellhammers,Lindas,Susquehanna,Selinsgrove and Lincoln.

Racing action from the NASCAR circuit with Richmond and Dover spotlighted.Strapping Them In with drivers that have a last name beginning with "S".Wingless Warriors showcasing the USAC wingless sprints and the ARDC racers.The Big Kahuna Series from New Egypt Speedway and the famous Archives are also included.

Some drivers with photos inside are:"Liquid" Lou Cicconi,John Willman,Stevie Smith,Jr,.Don Kreitz,Jr.,Ryan Godown,Lance Dewease,Mike Gular,Ryan Smith,Denny Hamlin,Kyle Busch,Carl Edwards,Dale<jr.,Morgan Shepherd,Billy Schinkel,Frankie Schneider,Jeff Swindell,Smokey Snellbaker,Ron Slade,Regan Smith,Ron Shuman,Euss Smith,Jim Shampine,Levi Jones,Steve Buckwalter,Bobby East,Chip Cregar,Mike Balzano,Bobby Bottcher,Sammy Swindell,Parker Bohn,Stan Ploski,Daryn Pittman,Bob Rossell,Richie Evans,Bobby Allen and Mike Grbac are among the many drivers shown in this issue.

The back cover photo is of Tony Stewart running his Eldora Speedway sponsored late model during the Denny Hamlin Short Track Challenge at Richmond. 

Mike Feltenberger
Strapped In Racing Magazine Publisher / Editor
Strapped In TV Show host on BCTV and
Speedway Entertainment Event Organizer

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