Matheny Christmas Donations

Date: 11/28/2011 9:35:00 PM

Matheny Christmas Donations
The 24th Matheny Christmas Party is  Saturday, December 17th at 1 pm at the Matheny School and Hospital in Peapack, NJ.  For directions and school info.    If you want get involved, you can reach me at 732-580-3624 or email    We have a great group that grows every year, just ask some of the people that go and they will all tell you what a great experience it is.
This year, donations to the Matheny Christmas Party can be made to RJC Charities. The benefit of doing this, it enables you to use it as a tax right off, if necessary.  Checks can be made to RJC Charities and a receipt will be mailed to you in time for this tax year. Businesses qualify for this write off also.  All donations will be used to help buy the necessary gifts for the students.  Please mail to:  RJC Charaties, 70 Albert Drive, Parlin, NJ, 08859. RJC Charities is a 501C-3 charity run by Bob Caramella).   Checks or gift cards for non write offs can be mailed to Kevin Eyres, 144 Mercer Rd., Colts Neck, NJ, 07722.  Each year, the gifts that are asked for, are getting a little more expensive, but we always encourage the students to ask for whatever they want.  Any amount is greatly apreciated.  
Thank You.... Kevin

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