Please Vote David Polenz Most Popular NASCAR Driver, find link inside, currently top 5 in votes nationally!

Date: 10/2/2012 5:12:21 PM


David Polenz is listed in the top ten for

Most Popular Late Model Driver so far.


Please Make sure to Vote David Polenz Once per computer & email daily at

he is located under "Tracks" under Old Dominion. 

Scroll down, enter your info, submit, and wait for thank you message








David strides to be Most Popular Driver:


David has been promoting his opportunity all over the web, to become Speed51's first ever Late Model Most Popular Driver.  In doing so, David would be recognized, not just all over the NASCAR world, but also on, one of the most respected websites in racing.  This would be great for David, and his sponsors, and will broaden his fan base and name to a new level.  

ARbodies will also give the overall winner a free white A body package worth thousands, which will help save funds for more racing for David in 2013!  Plus the bragging rights of having the greatest, most large, fan base in NASCAR!  The only way to win is for our gracious fans who support us every week on and off the track, is to go to and vote daily, once per email, once per computer for David. We know we have the greatest fans in the world, and feel they also deserved to be recognize for all they do for us.  We thank you guys for all that you do through out the year, and we plan to make you more proud to be a David Polenz fan as we race into the future!


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Bruce and Debbie Hurt

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