Plans Set for the Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum

Date: 3/15/2014 7:57:12 PM

Plans Set for the Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum

March 14th, 2004 - Berkeley Heights NJ

John "Goop" Mondelli and longtime friend Lance Ruban have announced their 2014 plans for the "Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum." 

Known for their appreciation of the history of the sport, both "Goop" and Lance have had Flemington in their hearts from their very first visits to Flemington Speedway decades ago.  Through the years both Mondelli and Ruban have collected enough memorabilia (including speedway signs, body panels, photos, programs, etc.,) to fill a 22' trailer. and then some!  In addition to the mobile trailer that can be displayed at various events, they also display additional items at the "Dirt Track Shack" located on the grounds of the New Egypt Speedway.  "Displaying items in the "Dirt Track Shack" is a great chance to provide current day racing fans an opportunity to step back in time and get a glimpse of the history of local racing, and the "rolling museum" gives us a chance to take that same opportunity on the road." 

Mondelli and Ruban's "Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum" is scheduled to appear at New Egypt Speedway three times in 2014, including the August 2nd "Legends Night which will feature the cars and the stars from the sport's history."   (Schedule of other 2014 appearances to follow.)

Another key "stop" for the rolling museum will be a visit to the 2014 Hunterdon County 4H Fair held in Ringoes (Lambertville) which is actually where the idea for the rolling museum all began. "I was at the Fair in 2008 and felt that there was something missing." Mondelli reflected.  "I couldn't believe there wasn't a display or an acknowledgment to Flemington Speedway.

After all, for many of us, this was the "Flemington Fair"  Something needed to be done. 

The very next night, Mondelli loaded up his #15 vintage race car on his ramp truck (a Billy Pauch tribute car) along with various Flemington Speedway memorabilia items including pictures, speedway programs, etc., and went back to the fair and asked management if he could park the ramp truck inside to display the vintage car and the racing items.  Once inside, folks began stopping by the display and immediately, the memories of the speedway were rekindled.  "One of those who stopped by was longtime favorite modified driver Billy Pauch" Mondelli recalled. "The display turned out to be more popular than I ever would have thought, and having Billy stop by and check it out... well, that was just cool."  Because of the interest and the excitement witnessed by this very early effort, the connection between the old Flemington "Fair" Speedway was now made to the current day Hunterdon County Fair.

Shortly after, Mondelli called his friend Wyatt Jacobus  Jr. of the Tri-State Vintage Memorabilia organization and said, "This has to be a part of the fair every year!"  Mondelli added, "The next year Wyatt did a great job and really took the ball and ran...He built it into a big show featuring memorabilia displays, driver interviews and many vintage racecars."  Soon afterward, Mondelli and Jacobus co-founded the Flemington Speedway Historical Society in 2009, with Mondelli remaining with the organization for the first 2 years.  "Wyatt and the folks of the FSHS have continued to do a great job in making sure that the history of the Flemington Fair Speedway continues to be a big part of the annual fair." 

Although no longer directly involved with the fair or with FSHS, Modelli's support of the history of the sport continues to grow. "In addition to displaying the rolling museum at New Egypt Speedway, various car shows, and at the fair later this year, Lance and I are looking forward to taking it to other events and listening to the comments and stories that come from those that visit.  Things have really grown since that first display back in 2008, and it's great to see how excited people are to have a chance to enjoy the pictures, the programs, and the history at various events and gatherings.

My hope is to take the rolling museum to additional venues, and to bring the memories of the Flemington Fair Speedway to even more folks."


To reach John "Goop" Mondelli for additional information and/or to have the Flemington Speedway Rolling Museum at your upcoming event, give him a call at: 908-721-8183.

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