FireHouse and Tyler Jett Ready to Complete Lap Six

Date: 10/22/2015 8:28:05 PM

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FireHouse and Tyler Jett Ready to Complete Lap Six

Berwick, PA- With the 2015 racing season coming to a close in the northeast, January will mark six years that Tyler Jett Motorsports Marketing, LLC and American Music Award winning rock band , FireHouse, have worked together on cross promotion projects with Rock hitting the asphalt.


Beginning in 2010 with Universe Racing, a race team in the ARCA Racing Series to Tyson Racing, a short track racing team in the northeast with driver Mark Tyson, all of the people involved help guide the collision with short track racing and rock-n-roll. Both parties at the time viewed the opportunity as a no brainer and the relationship remains successful to date.


“All of the members of FireHouse are great to work with, so I’m not surprised that it’s worked out so well”, noted Gene Ostrowski, the president of Tyler Jett.


“We have a great business relationship and over our years together we’ve become good friends as well, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved.”


By no means is FireHouse a newcomer to the rock scene. The group formed in 1989, released their first album in 1990, which is now celebrating 25 years of success. That success has continued to grow and they still play for sold out crowds worldwide.


Consisting of band mates CJ Snare, Bill Leverty, Michael Foster and Allen McKenzie, when FireHouse hits the stage for one of their shows it’s like 1990 all over again, except with even more excitement and momentum. Compare it with five to go at Talladega and there’s not much of a difference. The overall outcome is- It Rocks!


“When we first were introduced to Tyler Jett over a decade ago, we knew that they were the perfect partner to work with because they are total pros who also really know how to rock and FireHouse loves auto racing! We are really excited to be a part of the Tyler Jett teams and to proudly have FireHouse on the #22 Chevy Impala”, noted Leverty of FireHouse. 


For more information on Tyson Racing, visit FireHouse can be viewed at their new website, which is and as always, WARRANT can be found at Tyler Jett Motorsports Marketing is located at All of the parties listed can also be found on social media.


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