Flemings Pumpkin Run Info.........

Date: 6/18/2017 11:14:24 AM

For the last 21 years, the first Saturday in November meant only one thing to so many people. It was Flemings Pumpkin Run time!
More than just a car show, enthusiasts from up and down the east coast traveled to South Jersey to experience one of the most unique events ever created. With a combination of cars and cannons, tractors and sawmills, food and flea markets, dinosaurs to diners just to name a few, this one day show seemed to have it all.
With word of mouth, the show grew year after year. And with it the notoriety of a few famous people like Ray Evernham who provided 3 cars from his collection to the show year after year, and most recently Dennis Gage, who filmed an episode of his show "My Classic Car".
With all the successes and popularity of the Pumpkin Run, unfortunately it had its drawbacks.
The property of Flemings Auto Parts is not infinite. And all usable land is pretty much used up. Show cars that arrived late sometimes could not even enter, having to park in the surrounding neighborhood along with the overflow of spectators. The county roads for miles around were jammed to a standstill with traffic.
In short, we are a victim of our own success. We have outgrown what the property and surrounding neighborhood can handle. And even though the inconvenience is only for around 5 hours once a year, the burden placed on the township has become too much to bare.
So with all that being said and with true sadness, for reasons beyond our control, we are sorry to inform everyone that last years event, the 21st Annual Flemings Pumpkin Run, will be the last of the "Run".
The little car show that started with about 35 cars has exceeded anything that we could have ever dreamed of. With Harry Fleming and a group of friend volunteers, somehow he lucked out and created car show magic!
The many, many hours creating all the different show features, and the time preparing the grounds for the event made it all worth it. When you get to see the turnout of people and their reactions to what we have created, the smile on Harry's face tells the story.
Its all been truly magical!
So from Harry Fleming and the entire Pumpkin Run Crew, we want to thank you for all the years you may have attended, and all the enthusiasm you have shown.

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