ARRA Adds Rossell, Bunting and NES info to site

Date: 9/17/2017 8:33:14 PM

ARRA Auto Racing Research Associates,  continues to add depth to their historical statistics website! 

Bob Rossell and Harold Bunting were warriors of the area speedways back when the men behind the wheel were more a factor in the game than the engineering behind the car.  New Egypt…long ago called the Ft. Dix Speedway, has been one of New Jersey’s longest established raceways and continues today to provide fans with exciting weekly racing.

   Harold Bunting was added to the website this morning. Bunting was a terror on the Delaware State and South Jersey area dirt tracks in the seventies and eighties, racking up wins with frequency!  Harold’s legacy continues in that same area with the racing of H.J. Bunting. 

  Also gaining his own page on the website this morning was the legendary dirt and paved surface expert Bob Rossell!  Bob…not only a winning driver, but winning car builder, had a stellar career behind the wheel.

   Additionally, an exhaustive research project that lasted for weeks, concluded with the addition of a week by week winners list of the New Egypt Speedway.  New Egypt, referred to as New Egypt, Ft. Dix, the “New” New Egypt Speedway and Central Jersey Speedway over the years, continues to thrill fans with its weekly racing.  The research extends back to 1964 and follows through to the present day and will be continuously updated as events take place…just as they do for all active facilities that they include on their website.

  All three efforts are not 100% complete as research material for years before or during the research period are just not available to the research team.  ARRA continues to make a plea to the racing public to consider donating any older racing newspapers for research projects for the betterment of preserving the past.

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