A Pumpkin Run note from Harry Fleming

Date: 10/29/2017 12:34:29 PM

Hello, this is Harry Fleming.
With the Pumpkin Run being only one week away, I hope that all who have attended prior shows here at the Junkyard will consider attending this years show at Amandas Field in the Petersburg section of Upper Township.
I have put my full support behind this event and with the help of all of you, the spectators, vendors, exhibitors, and staff, this years show could be one of the great ones!
I know the show may not be the same, as many of the attractions here at the junkyard are very unique and cannot leave the grounds.
But a majority of our exhibitors and events that are held here, will be at Amanda’s Field.
They will be there, willing to give the event a chance. And I hope you will be too.
I would like to thank Upper Township, Mayor Richard Palumbo and Council for their generosity and willingness to hold this event and for carrying on the Pumpkin Run name. Also the leadership of Councilman Hobie Young in heading up this endeavor.
But make no mistake, our efforts will always be to bring the Pumpkin Run back home to the Junkyard!
In the meantime, hopefully you will all attend this years event and make it a big success!
Thank You and Enjoy the Show!

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