ARRA sets Feature Win Criteria

Date: 4/15/2018 11:16:29 AM

The members of Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) have adopted their criteria for determining what constitutes a legitimate feature event win.  While there is no industry-wide baseline for determining what is and what is not a feature win…the members of ARRA have taken steps to begin to establish a standard to which an event can be measured up against.  It is our hope that by starting a discussion on the subject, there can be an industry-wide, generally accepted standard.  That being said, we will from this point forward be using this criteria to determine what is a legitimate feature event win.  In those cases where an event falls outside of our criteria, yet is deemed by others to constitute a feature event win…we will note the occurrence separately but not include it in that particular drivers career win total.  We will also point out where it went astray from our criteria guidelines.


The adopted criteria that we here at ARRA use to determine what is and what is not a feature win:


(1) Any race conducted at a speedway that charges admission to spectators, licenses competitors to compete under a common set of rules and regulations, and that either allows all entrants to compete, or draws its starting field from the totality of the general entry through typical qualifying procedures or assignment should be designated as an ARRA-endorsed feature win for its winner.


(2) Any race that divides the totality of the general entry into groups - Feature Winners Races, Non-Feature Winners Races, Champions Races, Australian Pursuits, Races Of States, Reverse Races, Future Stars Races, Super DIRT Series Qualifying Heat Races, "Split Field Qualifying Features or similar should not be considered an ARRA-endorsed feature win.


(3) Photo finishes, ties, or races in which published rulings have led to more than one feature winner being declared by the speedway should be credited by ARRA as feature wins for each winner, with asterisk/footnote added.


(4) Races in which apparent winners have been subsequently reported as disqualified (and/or reinstated) should be examined on a case by case basis by ARRA and a determination made as to the rightful winner or winners.  In the same respect, if a situation arises that rests outside of the scope of the criteria, we will examine the situation and render a decision as to how it applies to our stated criteria

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