Auto Racing Research Associates and Race Stat Central Announce Collaboration With Companion Sites

Date: 5/26/2018 10:52:37 AM

Auto Racing Research Associates and Race Stat Central Announce Collaboration With Companion Sites

Ringoes,NJ – Auto Racing Research Associates (ARRA) and Race Stat Central are happy to announce that they have joined in collaboration in the documentation and compiling of racing stats.  The announcement comes after about two months of negotiations, working out the details regarding the association and interaction of both sites moving forward. 

   “Bringing Dennis Clapperton aboard with his Race Stat Central website is a big deal.”, Fred Voorhees, one of the original founders of ARRA, mentioned.  “Dennis came to me back when he was putting his site together looking for some advice since myself and Bill Braga were already compiling racing stats.  We’ve kept in touch over the years and it was just natural that we join together and collaborate”

  The two sites will further the possibility of cross referencing data and just make for a stronger base for all information gathered and provide a wider platform for looking up information that might have already been gathered.  The two sites….definitely approaching the racing statistics arena in different ways, will remain true to the format they have always followed and will remain their own entity, but join together in the hope that it makes the documentation of our racing history more streamlined and quicker.  “We will be such a benefit to each other!” Voorhees insisted.

   "The compilation of racing research is a collaborative effort. By combining our resources and information we can only provide more accurate and complete information to our viewers.”, asserts Dennis Clapperton – Race Stat Central’s website designer and operator.  “But, continuing to work individually enables each team to use the others as a way of double checking their data. I am very excited for this alliance and the opportunities for both parties to grow."

  ARRA continues it’s rapid ascent in being THE website to check in with when you are looking for facts and figures….not just conjecture.  They have been the group that many have turned to for reliable and confirmed information.  In their short existence in the research field….they  have provided the background on a number of DIRT Hall of Fame inductees…have provided information to numerous columnists and other PR persons and researchers and have even been part of the background for information being looked for by television and radio broadcasting. 

  Next up for ARRA is a visit to the Orange County Speedway for Nostalgia Night on June 2nd.  They will have tables set up explaining what it is they do and to answer any questions fans may have about the process.

    Both Race Stat Central and Auto Racing Research Associates can be reached from each other’s websites via links.  Race Stat Central can be directly accessed at   and ARRA’s website is available at


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