Big Diamond and Orange County added

Date: 6/25/2018 9:13:49 PM

The members of ARRA are proud that two significant additions have just been made to their popular statistical website.  Fred Voorhees just wrapped up many months of research on the weekly divisional winners at the Big Diamond Raceway.  “Having been in the research arena for many years,” claims Voorhees…”it was tiring to need stats on Big Diamond Raceway and not having much at all to turn to for a resource.  I decided that I would eventually tackle the situation and finally put something in the archives so that this important information is secure for future reference.”

  After months of exhaustive research and then data entry into a spreadsheet, the weekly divisional winners since Big Diamond opened back in 1972 are now available for anyone interested in checking it out. 


  As Voorhees did with Big Diamond…ARRA member Bill Hanna spent a ton of time trying to compile a complete picture of the weekly modified winners at the Orange County Speedway.  The list, which was debuted at the recent Orange County Speedway’s Nostalgia Night and is now available to all race fans on the ARRA website.


    Work is continually moving forward to add even more information to the website which has become a popular source for vital, reliable statistics on tracks, drivers, organization’s and traveling series’.  Just recently, ARRA was joined by sister website Race Stat Central in an effort to further streamline and solidify reliable racing stats and facts available to the racing public.  We encourage race fans to visit both sites.


   ARRA can be accessed at  and Race Stat Central can be found at

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