Tobias Added to ARRA website!

Date: 9/4/2018 11:23:05 PM

Tobias Added to ARRA website!

Ringoes,NJ – Auto Racing Research Associates are proud to announce still another legendary driver that has been added to their line up of researched all stars.  Famed dirt track bug, modified and sprint car driver Toby Tobias Sr. has now had his career fully researched and documented and committed to local history.    Also, historian Bill Skinner has updated and improved one of his Budd Olsen files to further the historic value of his page.


  Historian Bill Hanna had recently finished up his research on Richard “Toby” Tobias Sr. and it was introduced at the recent Kutztown Speedway Toby Tobias Night.  Now, it has found a home on the ARRA website.  We welcome one and all of the old time…and the newer, fans to check it out.  Toby was one of the pioneers in the sport.  Tobias’ new page can be viewed at:


   Historian  Bill Skinner, also an esteemed member of ARRA, recently sent along an update of Budd Olsens file containing information on his racing years 1948 – 1954.  Budd Olsen…like Toby Tobias…was one of the pioneers of the sport and both shared the distinction of being successful car builders and also drivers.  Take a moment to go back in time and check both the Tobias and Olsen files out at the ARRA Historical Research site.  While your at it..if you are in the mood for even more information…visit our sister website…..RaceStatCentral.  Between our sites…we have it all covered!


  One other recent addition to the site is the research work done for Jeff Strunk….plenty has been uploaded as of late, and still more work is ongoing to continue to document our sport here in the Northeast.




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