ARRA Research Site Continues Rapid Growth!

Date: 4/6/2019 11:42:39 PM



ARRA Research Site Continues Rapid Growth!

Ringoes,NJ – Auto Racing Research Associates – ARRA – continue to thrust forward in their efforts to continually add to the scope of their wildly popular racing statistics website!  No less than fifteen different pages have either been added to the site or added to with updated information…that is besides the normal weekly updates already underway with the opening up of the 2019 racing season.

 Fred Voorhees, who heads up the group of sixteen different racing historians spread across the country, says “I have been kept busy lately with lots of additions submitted from various members of our ARRA staff, as well as what I have completed and now with the season opening up…the workload on myself is going to only get busier and busier as the weeks move past shortly. “  A host of new additions boast pages now on the ARRA statistical website.  Those new and recently added include The Chili Bowl, Catamount Stadium, Driver Bobby Varin, the Brockvile and Cornwall Speedways, the Mid-West Dirt Track Racing Association, both the Lucas oil and the World of Outlaws Late Model Series’, Driver Pat O’Brien, the Morristown Speedway, the Stroudsburg Speedway, the Wall Stadium Turkey Derby, the USAC Silver Crown Series and the USNA Series.  Our existing Brett Deyo STSS Series page just had another exciting file added to it.  “I am overwhelmed at the pace of the growth of our site!”, Voorhees exclaims, “And what’s more…I know that there are at least three or four more projects underway as we speak, in addition to the few I am personally juggling with.  It’s an exciting time for us here at ARRA – look to find us again represented at the Orange County Speedway’s Nostalgia Night as well as at this  years Northeast Dirt Modified Hall of Fame and Museum induction ceremonies for this years Hall of Fame nominees.”

ARRA is a group of racing historians….joined together for the sole purpose of researching, documenting and sharing the history of our sport of auto racing.  Sixteen historians strong…the dedicated staff is continuously working on one project or another…as they work to preserve the history of the sport.  You can access the ARRA website at  while there…find the link to our sister website RaceStatCentral where ARRA members Dennis Clapperton and his associate Jeff Zimmerman lord over an overwhelming amount of Northeast racing stats in a dizzying arry of statistics.  Or, simply click this link….

Almost forgot....  our newest addition to our site....driver Carl VanHorn!>

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