LOOK IT UP!!!! On the ARRA Website

Date: 9/22/2019 8:13:29 PM

Do you have a large collection of racing magazines…treasure them and can’t part with them?  Us too.  However, I am sure that you have had times where you remember a feature article or essay on a certain subject that you would like to refer back to for information or just to go back and enjoy it again…..BUT, you realized how impossible it was to go back and find it without going through issue after issue and not even be guaranteed that you will find it?  Well, now Auto Racing Research Associates has an answer….at least for six popular racing magazines! 

   ARRA historian John Nelson, with help from fellow ARRA historian Ken Parrotte, have put together complete index’s of articles and main features of the complete runs of Circle Track, Flat Out, Open Wheel, Sprint Car and Midget, Stock Car Racing and Trackside Magazines.  So now, you can quickly reference our “LOOK IT UP” page on our ARRA website and quickly determine exactly where that article or feature is located and not have to spend a day digging through issue after issue wasting time!

  In our continuing efforts to offer racing fans and journalists a one stop racing information shop…we are proud to offer this service and we think it will come in handy over and over again for fans that want to journey back in time though their auto racing magazines.  We welcome you to check out this page and see how thorough the index’s are.  The page can be located in our index of subjects on the lefthand side of the page and scroll down to the special pages near the bottom of the listings.  You can find the page at this link ; https://sites.google.com/site/arradocumentingracinghistory/look-it-up

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