TJ Kingsland passes

Date: 1/6/2020 10:14:51 PM

From Indoor Auto Racing Championship

As you may know, our Indoor Auto Racing staff is comprised of many of the good friends we have made through racing over the years. In some months we spend more time with these individuals than we do our own families - and for that, they have become our family.

This morning some of our team awoke to the news, that a member of our Indoor Auto Racing family had passed on following last night's Allentown Indoor Race. We are extremely heartbroken and sorry to report that Theodore Kingsland passed away in his sleep overnight.

TJ played an integral part in tear down at the arena last night and worked closely with the ones he considered family until the wee hours of the morning. During this time, TJ was his normal upbeat self. He had his Elvis music playing to sing along with and was having a good time, as he always did at the races.

Unfortunately when his alarm went off this morning TJ did not wake up. His roommate contacted authorities immediately but TJ had been gone for sometime already.

TJ joined our indoor auto racing family just a few years ago and quickly became an integral part of the team. He was truly happy to be there and would gladly do anything it took to make our races a success. Everything TJ did, he did with a smile - there was no doubt he loved his work, whether he was parking trailers, tearing down a race track, or what he enjoyed most, flagging during the event. His presence will most certainly be missed at all of our events.

TJ loved racing and considered the community his family, we know how glad we were to have TJ as a part of our Indoor Racing Family. He was as genuine, kind and hardworking as they come. We are thankful for all he did to help us over the past few years. Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone that knew TJ, he was certainly 'one in a million.'

While we know TJ did not like attention, we will honor him during our Atlantic CIty indoor race. 👊

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