ARRA Expands Website to accommodate rapid growth!

Date: 2/6/2020 7:17:55 PM

ARRA Expands Website to accommodate rapid growth!

Ringoes,NJ – With the backdrop provided by the successful annual Racers Luncheon, ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates announced that due to their rapidly increasing roster of data and statistics on their popular website, they have been forced to move to new quarters and expand.  They had no choice.  The ARRA historians have been busy for months on end, compiling stats on Tracks, Drivers, racing organizations and series’, individual cars and car owners and much much more.  That only means that they were quickly closing in on their websites maximum capacity and needed new digs.  Expected to be sprung onto the internet within the next day or so, the new website uses the same format as their previously successful website…in fact, those that had the website bookmarked can still use the same web address to access the new site. 

  Once they get to the newly designed site…race fans, etc, will have the chance to choose whether to go to on of two brand new sites.  Basically, you will have the choice to go to a page that contains the statistics regarding Tracks, Series’ and Organizations.  The other choice will take you to a site dedicated to the stats of ARRA’s roster of Drivers, Cars and Events.  All three sites will feature all of the methods of navigating around the site as the old one and will be familiar to anyone who had visited the older site.  This change of events will allow the nearly twenty crack researchers and historians to continue their fast pace of research that they have been demonstrating for years now!

   In addition, ARRA President Fred Voorhees announced a new affililation with the Flemington Speedway Historical Society.  ARRA will now be known as the “Official Research Resource” of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society and will assist in finding information whenever the society needs some specific data dug up.  In addition, the two organizations will work together for the betterment of the sport and the gathering and preserving of our sports vital history!  They will work together and cross promote each other organizations and plans call for additional Northeast racing organizations to join forces with them to continue to assure that our sports history is in good hands.

  Be sure to visit ARRA’s every growing website at:

  You can also visit ARRA’s sister website – administered by ARRA Associate Members Dennis Clapperton and Jeff Zimmerman.  If you have many hours of time to kill with an absolute plethora of racing data in one place… visit RaceStatCental at:

  And still another great racing website to visit is provided by one of ARRA’s newest member….AARN columnist Guy Smith.  Guy is meticulous in his research and you are sure to enjoy a visit to his site here:

  Thank you to everyone who has stopped into our websites and had good reviews and kind words!


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