Trenton Mack Racing Team Win Statistics Now on ARRA site!

Date: 3/30/2020 8:51:25 PM

The historians at ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates have been so busy with their research projects that they haven’t announced some of the more recent projects that have been uploaded to their highly popular racing historical statistics website. 


    ARRA just recently completely revamped and updated their website due to a rapid increase in content.  A small sampling of some of the newest files uploaded to the ARRA website are increased information on past racing at the Devils Bowl (VT), Georgetown, Mahoning Valley, the Len Sammons Indoor Racing Series, Hagerstown, NASCAR Monster Energy Series and just today….historian Bill Braga Jr. submitted his research on the Trenton Mack 74/704 racing team winning stats!  

  Many projects are in the process of being completed so you should look forward to even more history being documented by some of the best racing historians out there!

  Auto Racing Research Associates have been accepted as the official racing historical research group of the Flemington Speedway Historical Society, the unofficial “go to source” of racing information for Area Auto Racing Newsof Trenton, NJ , works extensively with the Northeast Racing Hall of Fame and Museum in Weedsport,NY for their research needs and continue to grow in popularity as a consistent and reliable source of researched and documented racing statistics!>


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