Frankie Schneider Career Update!

Date: 4/8/2020 8:55:52 PM

One of the main reasons why ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates – was formed was the fact that co-founder and President Fred Voorhees thought it was a shame that a driver who is considered the Godfather of Northeast Modified racing, Frankie Schneider , could not get his entire winning career documented for archival purposes.  There were all kinds of numbers being bandied about and varying widely in their suggested totals. 

   Fred was determined to make sure that something like that didn’t happen to todays drivers and through the collaboration of fellow associated Bill Braga Jr., they formed the genesis of what became ARRA Racing Associates.

  One of the earliest historians taken on by the newly formed group was well known historian Bill Skinner.  The Mullica Hill, NJ resident specializes in researching stats from the “old days” of racing….at tracks like Vineland, Atco, Alcyon and Morristown Speedways.  Bill has provided research on such old time drivers as Jackie McLaughlin, Freddy Fehr, Ken Marriotte and Ken Wismer among others.  One other driver Bill has taken on from the old days is none other than the great Frankie Schneider!

  Yep, while we all know that while Frankie Schneider’s complete winning career will NEVER be completely documented…through the efforts of ARRA and member historian Bill Skinner specifically, we are slowly chipping away at documenting Frankie’s winning stats!  By way of a long and arduous research effort, which continues and is ongoing, Bill Skinner is determined to honor “The Old Master” as much as possible by getting him credit for as many wins as possible.

  Just posted today is Bill’s latest research effort which includes as many top five finishes that he could find on Frankie during the years 1950 through 1952.  Frankie may not be with us any longer, but his impact on our racing will long be felt and his career still holds interest after all of these years!

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