Howie Cronce Gets Own Page on ARRA Website

Date: 4/8/2020 8:58:18 PM

Let it not be said that the historians of ARRA – Auto Racing Research Associates do not take requests!  Thanks to a recent request made of President Fred Voorhees, some quick work ……….. and previous research work already undertaken, resulted in the newest driver page to be added to their always growing website of racing statistics of drivers, cars, tracks, racing organizations and touring series!  Retired modified driver Howie “The Hat” Cronce was one of the most popular drivers of his time…not only for his prowess behind the wheel of a modified, but for the beautiful creations that his team used to field each week.  A stalwart John Burnett chassis customer, Cronce was well known for always having one of the sharpest modifieds in the field. 

  We welcome fans to check out the newest driver page on our website and hope you enjoy the insight into Howie’s career.  You can find it here:


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