Meet Our ARRA Historians

Date: 5/18/2020 9:11:02 PM


Ringoes,NJ –  ARRAAuto Racing Research Associates is proud to announce the addition of four new historians as members of their fast growing, in size and recognition as a reliable source of racing stats and information, historical group of researchers.  The group has increasingly broadened their coverage of the sport by bringing in historians from all aspects of the sport of auto racing and thus, has increased how much knowledge that is encompassed in their loose knit organization. 

   Newly welcomed members include Will White, Justin St. Louis, Bill Ladabouche and Nicholas Teto.  ARRA now includes a total of twenty four historians who are devoted to capturing important statistics of our racings past and document them so that this information is not lost to the passage of time.  ARRA would like to invite all racing fans to take a look at our “Your Hosts” page on our website to get acquainted with all of our members and get an idea of the breadth of our base of knowledge that we have built up over the past few years as we continue to expand and possibly look at going national!  Access the page on our site at this address:

<p>   We also invite fans to visit our “Friends of ARRA/Links”  page where you will find links to all of our sister websites including 3 Wides Picture Vault – RaceStatCentral – Flemington Speedway Historical Society – TrackChaser – VTMOTORMAG – – Auto Racing Record and


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