Date: 11/1/2017 9:22:44 PM

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After a second place finish in Friday night's Wingless 600 Micro competition, Tommy Kunsman returned to Spirit Auto Center Speedway to captured the Winged 600 event on Saturday, day two of the Bill Thomas Memorial weekend.  Alex Swift picked up his second victory in two days in 270 Micro Sprint competition  - this time behind the wheel of Nick Walton's No. 02.  DJ Hunt, at just fourteen years of age, picked up the win in the Excel 600 Modified feature event.

Gary Bozowski drew the pole for the start of the forty lap Winged 600 feature and the led way for the first ten laps.  Consecutive green flag laps, had Bozowski racing through lapped traffic which allowed third place starter, Kunsman, to close in and challenge for the lead.  Kunsman took over on lap eleven as the leaders raced through lapped traffic.  Kunsman talked about racing through the lapped cars.  "They were two and three wide and racing for position," Kunsman explained.  "Racing in lapped traffic with a wing is tricky because you can take air off the other car." 

Bobby Butler was a casualty of racing through lapped traffic as he took a wild ride down the backstretch with fourteen laps complete.  The field came to a stop under red while the accident was cleared.  Butler was not injured.  This was the only caution during the forty lap event.

With the checkered flag waving, Kunsman drove to the victory over Mike Rutherford, Bozowski, Kyle Spence and Steve Bracall.  The top four finishers competed in the Wingless Friday night action.

On Friday night, Alex Swift gained his third win of the 2017 season and his first while driving for fellow competitor, John Blanda.  On Saturday, a problem was discovered with Blanda'a No. 15 so Swift moved into the Walton No. 02 but produced the same results with another victory.

Swift drew the pole for the start of thirty lap feature event but had the hard charging Jacob Hendershot to his outside.  Hendershot has been hot this Fall season, picking up the win in the Skyscraper just a few weeks earlier and then a win in the Linda Speedway's National just a week ago.  But on this occasion, Swift was the class of the field as he led the way from the wave of the green flag to the wave of the checkered.

Hendershot raced in second for the entire race, finishing nearly a straightaway behind the high flying Swift.  Nick Skias finished third behind his team mate with Kyle Weiss and Randy West rounding out the top five. 

This was the final race of the 2017 Poker Series for the 270 Micro Sprints with Hendershot taking the top honors.  Skias held the best hand going into the night's action.

Young DJ Hunt had a perfect day in the Xcel 600 Modified action.  Hunt captured the win in his qualifying race, started on the pole of the feature and then led every lap on his way to victory.  Jon Josko finished second followed by Aaron Bowes, Michael Burrows and Richie Hitzler.

Heavy rain forced the cancellation of the third day of the Bill Thomas Memorial, cancelling the final race of the season for the Wingless 600s, the King of the Sling 40 lap event for the Action Track USA Slingshots and the 8 Cylinder Enduro cars.  A rain date was not available.  Tim Buckwalter was declared the Poker Series Champion in the 600 Micros while Brett Bieber picked up the title in the Slingshots. 

WINGED 600CC MICRO SPRINT FEATUE (40 laps): 1. Tommy Kunsman, 2. Mike Rutherford, 3. Gary Bozowski, 4. Kyle Spence, 5. Steve Bracall, 6. Luke Thomas, 7. Garret Bard, 8. Rob Pajauis, 9. Tyler DeVault, 10. Tyler Ulrich, 11. Brian Carber, 12. Nick Walton, 13. Mike Linderman, 14. Brandon Edgar, 15. Kenny Miller, 16. Jermain Godshall, 17. Wayne Scott, 18. Jarid Kunkle, 19. T.J. Greve, 20. Austin Quick, 21. Tyler Tank, 22. Steven Kemery, 23. Bobby Butler, 24. P.J. Williams, 25. Chris Panzner, 26. Jim Radney, DNQ Chris Fenimore, Jesse James Bartleson, Josh Martin, Brandon Pavel, Joe Dopke, Rob Miles, Jim Tippin, Nick Havens, Will Butler, Nathan Smith


270CC MICRO SPRINT FEATURE (30 laps): 1. Alex Swift, 2. Jacob Hendershot, 3. Nick Skias, 4. Kyle Weiss, 5. Randy West, 6. Brandon Edgar, 7. Sean Huesser, 8. John Wagner, Jr., 9. Jenn Avery, 10. Steve Coslop, 11. Devan Adams, 12. Billy Gray, 13. Brittany Erlston, 14. Corey Andersen, 15. Ron Ford, 16. Tyler Reinhardt, 17. Toby Blumenshine


XCEL 600 MODIFIEDS (20 laps): 1. D.J. Hunt, 2. Jon Josko, 3. Aaron Bowes, 4. Michael Burrows, 5. Richie Hitzler, 6. Josh Pepe, 7. Jim Radney, 8. Corey Andersen, 9. Kyle Inglin, 10. Kevin Van Valkenburg, 11. Gaby Meitzle, 12. Bruce Mills, 13. Shawna Schibilia, 14. Korey Inglin, 15. Jason Mills, 16. Travis Fichter, 17. Bill Moyer

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