Date: 11/1/2017 9:23:43 PM

Upcoming events

Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend

Saturday, October 28 - Winged 600s, Winged 270s and Excel 600 Mods plus practice, racing at 6pm

Sunday - October 29 - Wingless 600s, wingless 270s, Slingshots and 8 Cylinder Enduros, racing at 4pm


Matt Smith, Alex Swift and Joe Garey were the big winners on the first night of action at the Spirit Auto Center's Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend.

After claiming the track title as well as the win in the Skyscraper, Matt Smith returned to claim the win in 600 Micros on the opening night of the Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend - his fifth win of the 2017 season.

The start of the 600 feature was called back after polesitter, Sam LaMothe ran into trouble on the original start.  Smith led the field to the complete restart and never looked back, in spite of several cautions and two red flags.  Mike Rutherford was Smith's challenger during the first five laps before Tommy Kunsman raced into second on lap six.  Kunsman took several looks at the leader on restarts but each time, Smith was able to pull away from the field. 

Mike Linderman, a rookie this season, battled to a third place finish after dueling with Rutherford, Tyler DeVault and Gary Bozowski throughout the twenty lap event.  DeVault finished fourth with Bozowski taking fifth at the checkered flag. 

Chris Locuson jumped out to an early race lead in the 270 Micro feature event.  Pat Bealer moved by Alex Swift to take over second before Bealer ran into mechanical difficulties and headed to the pits on lap four. 

Locuson led Swift, Ken Andreas, Ryan Heim and Tyler Reinhardt through the half way mark but just two laps later, the powerplant in Locuson's No. 21 died.  As Locuson headed to the pits, Swift took the lead.

Swift raced Andreas, driving the Schenck No. 4, to the finish line for his third win of the season.  Reinhardt finished third followed by Corey Andersen and Steve Coslop who completed the top five. 

Both Smith and Swift earned guaranteed spots in the redraw for their respected main events this weekend.  Tommy Kunsman set fast time in the timed hot lap sessions for the Winged 600, earning a guaranteed starting spot in Saturday's main event.

Joe Garey started last in the field of 4 Cylinder Enduro cars but raced his way to the front to capture the feature win for his second win of the season at Spirit Auto Center Speedway.  Garey took the checkered flag over Justin Dunn, Todd Francis, Andrew Hertz and Scott Miller.

Day two of the Bill Thomas Memorial Weekend gets underway tonight at 6pm with Winged 600 and 270 Micros and Xcel 600 Modifieds. 

600CC MICRO SPRINT FEATUE (20 laps): 1. Matt Smith, 2. Tommy Kunsman, 3. Mike Linderman, 4. Tyler DeVault, 5. Gary Bozowski, 6. Mike Rutherford, 7. Luke Thomas, 8. Jermain Godshall, 9. Kyle Spence, 10. Wayne Scott, 11. Tyler Tank, 12. Nick Walton, 13. Chris Fenimore, 14. Bobby Butler, 15. Jesse James Bartleson, 16. Jarid Kunkle, 17. P.J. Williams, 18. Billy Calvert, 19. Tim Buckwalter, 20. Richie Keller, 21. Garret Bard, 22. Kenny Miller, III, 23. Damon Paul, 24. Josh Martin, 25. Jon Keller, 26. Sam LaMothe, DNQ Corey Andersen, Geordon Marrero, Joe Dopke, Brandon Pavel, Brett Altemose, Nathan Smith, Mark Landwher, Rebecca LaMothe, Dave Damaio, Ed Wolf, Colin Bustard, Joe Plunkett, Robert Miles. Brett Michalski, Jim Tippin, Justin Moench


270CC MICRO SPRINT FEATURE (20 laps): 1. Alex Swift, 2. Ken Andreas, 3. Tyler Reinhardt, 4. Corey Andersen, 5. Steve Coslop, 6. Billy Gray, 7. Andrew Locuson, 8. Jenn Avery, 9. Josh Schaffer, 10. Ron Ford, 11. Ryan Heim, 12. Chris Locuson, 13. Rich Keller, 14. Sean Huesser, 15. Kyle Weiss, 16. Pat Bealer, 17. Mike Rutherford, 18. Morgan Rochelle, 19. Zach Bealer, 20. Bill Murphy, 21. Steven Weirich, 22. John Wagner, Jr., 23. Sam LaMothe, 24. Randy West, DNQ Tom Landwher, Kristen Landwher, Scott Hulmes, Brittany Erlston, Jonathan John


i2m FOUR CYLINDER ENDUROS (20 laps): 1. Joe Garey, 2. Justin Dunn, 3. Todd Francis, 4. Andrew Hertz, 5. Scott Miller, 6. Art Knapp, 7. Scott Dunn

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