Date: 8/8/2019 8:52:25 PM


Collegeville, PA driver, Alex Bright raced to the win in the second hand of the 2019 Poker Series for only his second Spirit Speedway victory.  It was also the final night Hyper 600 Speed Week - five nights of racing on five different tracks for the 600 Micro Sprints.  Bright picked up the win in the opening night event at the Championship Action Track on Wednesday and then won again on the final night of the competition.  But it was Douglassville, PA driver, Tim Buckwalter who was crowned as the 600 Speed Week Champion.  Buckwalter relied on his consistent finishes to grab the 2019 title.
Steven Bracall and Eddie Strada led the field to the start of the thirty lap main event for the Ace Overhead Door Company 600 Micro Sprints.  Bracall led the first two circuits before Bright raced into the lead.  Bright's biggest challenge came in the form of Stoney Point, NY driver, Damon Paul who chased Bright to the finish line.  Billy Koch finished third followed by Tim Buckwalter in the Barry and Cheryl Greth No. 71.  Jim Radney finished fifth in a Rodota team car to Bright.
Lee Reinhardt took the early lead in the JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint feature event after a first lap caution involved the top three cars in the starting line-up.  Reinhardt battled side by side for several laps with Jacob Hendershot before Hendershot finally took possession of the top spot on lap eight just before Reinhardt headed to the pits with mechanical issues.  Two laps later, the same fate would fall on Hendershot as he too, headed to the pits.  Jason Swavely was the new race leader.  Swavely was able to race away from the field and capture his first ever Spirit Speedway victory  over Alex Swift who raced his way back to second after restarting in the rear following the lap one incident.  Kyle Weiss finished third followed by Johnny Trendler in fourth and Tyler Grau rounding out the top five.  
The win gave Swavely an Ace for the second hand of the 2019 Poker Series.
Ryan Davey picked up his fifth Slingshot win of the season but his first Poker Series win in the Championship Energy Action Track USA Slingshot main event.  Amanda Angstadt was the race's leader for the first seven laps.  Davey got a good run off the corner on a lap eight restart to take the lead.  Davey raced to the checkered flag without a further challenge.  Angstadt went on to finish second followed by Ryan Harris, 2018 Champion, Dave McCullough and Joseph Hanson.  
Harris was disqualified after failing post race tech, moving McCullough and Hanson up a position and moving Dana LaMothe into fifth.
Kory Inglin was the feature winner of the twenty lap Xcel 600 Modified feature over Ray Bradwell, Brian Blankenbiller, DJ Hunt and Cody Manmiller.
Ace Overhead Door 600 Micro Sprint Feature (30 Laps) - 2019 Poker Series Hand #2 - Final night of Hyper 600 Speed Week
  1. Alex Bright, 2. Damon Paul 3. Billy Koch, 4. Tim Buckwalter, 5. Jim Radney, 6. Kyle Spence, 7. Jay Hartman, 8. Buddy Schweibinz, 9. Austin Quick, 10. Aaron Bollinger, 11. Mike Thompson, 12. Tommy Kunsman, 13. Matt Carr, 14. James Morris, 15. Steve Bracall, 16. Brett Altemose, 17. Christian Bruno, 18. Eddie Strada, 19. Brandon Pavel, 20. Joey Amantea, 21. Jon Keller, 22. Johnny Boland, 23. Travis Hill, 24. Kenny Miller III
JS Weld-Rite/Mongoose Chassis 270 Micro Sprint Feature ( 25 laps)- Poker Series Hand #2
  1. Jason Swavely, 2. Alex Swift, 3. Kyle Weiss, 4. Johnny Trendler, 5. Tyler Grau, 6. Thomas Rinck, 7. John West, 8. Deana Cogdill, 9. Dale Wagner, 10. Shea Wills, 11. Jason Nardelli, 12. Connor Sheffield, 13. RJ Witcraft, 14. Emily Witter, 15. Ken Andreas, 16. Jr Ramer, 17. Jacob Hendershot, 18. Tom Landwehr, 19. John Wagner, Jr., 20. Lee Reinhardt, 21. Brandon Shipley, 22. Jacob Byron
Championship Energy Action Track USA Slingshots (20 lap feature)
  1. Ryan Davey, 2. Amanda Angstadt, 3. Dave McCullough, 4. Joseph Hanson, 5. Dana LaMothe, 6. Dave Morrell, 7. Ashley Therien, 8. Tomas Mowery, 9. Robin McTighe, DQ Ryan Harris
Xcel 600 Modified Feature (20 laps)
  1. Korey Inglin, 2. Ray Bradwell, 3. Brian Blankenbiller, 4. DJ Hunt, 5. Cody Manmiller, 6. John Willman, 7. Jermain Godshall, 8.Grant Schibilia, 9. Brianna James, 10. Hunter Diehl, 11. Shawna Schibilia, 12. Grant Schibilia 


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