Determined Laubach captures 1st Annual Deron Rust Memorial

Date: 7/9/2013 12:19:41 AM

Determined Laubach captures 1st Annual Deron Rust Memorial

Rick Laubach's persistent low line lap after lap assault on race leader Eric Kormann would finally pay off on lap 17 when he slipped past Kormann for the lead down the back straight away and would go one to win the Big Block Modified feature Friday night at Georgetown Speedway.
Eric Kormann led the field to the green flag only to have Scott VanGorder rocket past on the top side of turn one. VanGorder's great start would be cut short however due to a multi-car tangle in turn three involving Robert Dutton, Norman Short, Scott Ambruster and Mike Butler setting up a complete restart. On the restart Kormann would get the jump on the field to lead lap 1. While Kormann and Laubach were running nose to tail all eyes were on tenth starting Ryan Godown as he cracked the top five on lap 2. With the front two starting to pull away Godown was still on the move claiming the third spot on lap 5. Action was heating up for the lead lap 8 as Laubach was pressuring leader Kormann. With Kormann still in command lap traffic was about to come into play on lap 9. On lap 10 Laubach pulled to the inside of Kormann for the lead allowing a fast approaching third place running Godown to close the distance. Kormann would fend off challenges from Laubach to lead at the halfway point over Godown, Kressley and VanGorder your top 5. A torrid three car battle for the lead was now taking place between Kormann, Laubach and Godown. Lap 15 saw Godown look low in turn two under Kormann and Laubach for the lead only to be denied. Lap 16 it would be Laubach taking the brief lead out of turn two only to have Kormann gain it back entering turn three to lead lap 17. Laubach was determined however as he once again looked low out of turn two to gain the lead once and for all to lead lap 18. Once in command Laubach started to flex his muscle as he started to pull away from Kormann and Godown. Caution would fly on lap 21 for Kormann for a flat right rear tire ending a great run. The top five now had Laubach leading over Godown, a very quietly moving Kressley in third, top small block running Ryan Watt now in fourth and Neal Williams in fifth. On the lap 22 restart Laubach was in command while Godown washed up high in turn two allowing Brian Kressley to take over the runner up position. Laubach would cruise to victory over Kressley, Godown, Watt and Williams.
Jeff Coffey took advantage of his outside third starting spot in the Delaware start to take a commanding win in the Crate Modified action.
Dwayne Crockett led the field to the green flag in the Crate Modified feature only to have Jeff Coffey go around the outside of him in turn one to lead lap 1. Caution would wave before lap 2 got in the books for the two car tangle between Joe Tracy and Andy Hammond. Coffey led the field back to green on the restart pulling Scott Hitchens along the way in second with Tim Trimble grabbing third dropping Crocket to fourth and Trent Willey rounding out the top five. Coffey would build up a full straight away lead by the time the checkered flag flew to claim the win over Hitchens, Trimble, Willey and Gardner.
Mike Wharton had his work cut out for him in the Crate Late Models but wouldn't be denied as he would go onto capture the feature event.
Resse Masiello led the field to the green flag in Crate Late Model action and would set the pace early on with Wharton running second and Dylan Evans in third. Robbie Walls was on the move as he moved into fourth on lap 4 from his eighth starting spot. With Resse in command action was heating up for second with Wharton and Evans. Evans would gain the second spot on lap 6 dropping Wharton back to third. Caution would wave just as the field took the halfway sign for a spinning David Naylor in turn two. The running order had Masiello leading over Evans, Wharton, Walls and Robbie Emory your top 5. On the restart Wharton cranked it up to grab second over Evans in turn one setting his sights on leader Masiello. On lap 11 Wharton made the winning outside pass of Masiello in turn four and would go onto claim the win over Masiello, Evans, Emory and Walls.
Kyle Tubbs was able to grab the win in the always action packed Delmarva Chargers feature event Friday night.
Kevin Taylor brought the field of 16 Delmarva Chargers to the green flag and would set the early pace to lead lap 1 with Tubbs in tow and Sixth starting Geoff Carey in third. At the halfway point Tubbs was applying pressure to Taylor for the lead with Carey still running third. Tubbs was able to grab the lead at the line on lap 7 dropping Taylor to second. Chuck Hudson was looking to get into the mix as he grabbed third form Carey on lap 8. By lap 10 the top three of Tubbs, Taylor and Hudson were all nose to tail in a tight battle for the lead. Hudson would get past Taylor coming out of turn four to the checkered flag but couldn't catch Kyle Tubbs as he would go onto win over Hudson, Taylor, Carey and Martinez
Matt Long had his Super Truck dialed in Friday night as he charged from his fifth starting spot to claim the Super Truck feature win.
Gary Sekuler would lead the 17 Super Trucks to the green flag only to have Mike Lewis storm past in turn one. Lewis would lead lap 1 with a fast charging Long in second. Lewis and Long were racing hard for the lead when slight contact between the two sent Lewis spinning exiting turn three on lap 3. Caution would wave however Lewis never stopped and would regain the top position. On the restart things would get a little wild as Trucks made contact just past the flag stand sending the low running truck of Bobby Reed spinning across the track making contact with John Zajevski sending Zajevski upside down at the entrance of turn one. Zajevski was uninjured. On the lap 4 restart Long would power around Lewis for the lead in turn two bringing Robert Paczkowski in second with Shane Clogg moving into third dropping Lewis back to fourth. The halfway point had Long leading over Paczkowski, Clogg, Lewis and Sekuler. Lap 7 saw Clogg take over second and his sights now set on leader Long. Clogg would look low on lap 10 but and again on lap 11 but was unable to make the pass. Long would go onto win over Clogg, Paczkowski, Lewis and Hicks
Tom Princiolla took full advantage of his pole starting position in the Outlaw Stock special Friday night to claim his first ever series victory.
Tom Princiolla led the Outlaw stocks to the green flag at the start of the 15 lap feature and quickly settled into a fast paced rhythm to lead lap 1 over Jim Hughes and TJ Henry. Jason Prater moved into fifth on lap 2 and the front five were nose to tail. Caution would wave on lap 5 for Dennis Seeley Jr for a blown engine. Princiolla would lead Henry, Jim Avery, Jason Prater, and Jeff Dirkes at the restart on lap 6. Caution would wave once again as Henry Slowed on the back straight away. On the restart Princiolla was still in control and Jason Prater was on the move taking over second in turn two dropping Avery to third. Halfway showed Princiolla lead Prater, Avery, Dirkes and Hughes. Prater would challenge Princiolla for the lead on lap 12 only to be denied. Princiolla would go onto claim the win over Prater, Dirkes, Avery and Hughes

Big Block Modifieds: 1. Rick Laubach 2. Brian Kressley 3. Ryan Godown 4. Ryan Watt 5. Neal Williams 6. Richie Pratt 7. Scott VanGorder 8. Dominick BUffallno 9. Don Hallowell 10. Erik Kormann 11. Robert Dutton 12. Duane Rust 13. Chuck Tucker 14. Drew Simmons 15. Norman Short 16. Ron Roberts 17. Mike Butler 18. Glen Reed 19. Scott Ambruster

Crate Modifieds: 1. Jeff Coffey 2. Scott Hitchens 3. Tim Trimble 4. Trent Willey 5. Kevin Gardner 6. Westley Smith 7. Tyler Reed 8. Ava Bellinger 9. Connor King 10. Nick Alberty 11. Andy Hammond 12. Dwayne Crocket 13. Chad Clark 14. Jeff Marker 15. Joe Tracy

Crate Late Model: 1. Mike Wharton 2. Reese Masiello 3. Dylan Evans 4. Robbie Emory 5. Robbie Walls 6. Jamie Eichholz 7. David Naylor 8. Mike Parsons

Delmarva Chargers: 1. Kyle Tubbs 2. Chuck Hudson 3. Kevin Taylor 4. Geoff Carey 5. Chris Martinez 6. Brett Sellers 7. Ryan Riddle 8. Butch Hudson 9. Kevin Kouash 10. Cody Hudson 11. Greyson Stevens 12. Ivan Morales 13. Josh Dahling 14. Randy Merritt 15. Joe Sinclair 16. Tanner Marvel

Super Trucks: 1. Matt Long 2. Shane Clogg 3. Robert Paczkowski 4. Mike Lewis 5. Gene Hicks 6. Gary Sekuler 7. Brian Meisenholder 8. Billy Lockwood 9. Tim Quay 10. Michelle Jackson 11. Shannon Lewis 12. Gene Hicks Jr. 13. Jacob Pearson 14. Bobby Reed 15. John Zajevski 16. Thomas Jackson 17. Jake Spencer

Outlaw Stocks: 1. Tom Princiotta 2. Jason Prater 3. Jeff Dirkes 4. Jim Avery 5. Jim Hughes 6. Ron Dirkes 7. Cheri LaClaire 8. David Kramer 9. TJ Henry 10. Dennis Seeley Jr 11. Pete Ellis .. DNS Jeremy Doerr

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