Bunting, Blades, Wharton in Georgetown Victory Lane

Date: 8/25/2013 5:35:25 PM

Bunting, Blades, Wharton in Georgetown Victory Lane

HJ Bunting was back in action in full force Friday night at Georgetown Speedway as he would pilot his Jake Marine owned # 85 Big Block Modified to a wire to wire victory in the non-stop 25 lap feature.
Bunting led the field to the green flag from his pole starting position and immediately jumped out to a strong lead. With Bunting trying to run away from the field the race for the second spot was heating up between Scott VanGorder, Erik Kormann and Ryan Godown. As trio raced side by side VanGorder slipped high in turn 3 allowing Kormann and Godown to slip by. With Kormann now in second Godown went to work and was able to get by Kormann for second at the end of lap 5. Mean while HJ Bunting had built up a full straight away lead over Godown. At the halfway point your top 5 was Bunting, Godown, Kormann, VanGorder, Swain. HJ Bunting was beginning to work lapped traffic which was allowing Ryan Godown to slowly close the distance on the leader. With two laps remaining Ryan Godown had closed within two car lengths on race leader HJ Bunting. That would be as close as Godown would get though as HJ Bunting went on to capture his first win of the season at Georgetown Speedway over Godown and Kormann .

Mike Wharton was able to fight off multiple challenges from Dylan Evans early and eventual second place finisher Mike Parsons to claim the nights 15 lap Crate Late Model feature event.
Mike Wharton brought the field to the green flag from his pole starting position and would the jump on Robbie Walls and Dylan Evans as they raced their way into turn one. Wharton would lead at the completion of lap one when the caution would wave for the spinning car of Wayne Smedley in turn two. On the lap two restart Evans would get past Walls for the second spot and immediately go to work on race leader Mike Wharton. Wharton and Evans raced the next 8 laps nose to tail with Evans working every angle to find a way past race leader Wharton. Caution would wave once again on lap 11 for Reese Masiello as he spun in turn three. The lap 11 restart had Evans going to the outside of Wharton for the lead in turn one only to jump the cushion in turn 2 which allowed Mike Parsons to claim the second spot. Parsons would keep Wharton in check the final two laps but wouldn’t be able to get by as Wharton would go on the claim the win over Parsons and Evans.

Brandon Blades took advantage of his pole starting position Friday night in the 15 lap Crate Modified feature and would dominate the feature event to claim his first win of the season .
Brandon Blades would bring the field to the green at the start of the 15 lap feature and would never look back. Bryan Breasure would get past second starter CJ Faison entering turn one on lap 1. With Blades stretching the distance lap after lap Breasure settled into second. The action for third was heating up as Trent Willey looked to get by CJ Faison. When the checkered flag flew winner Brandon Blades had nearly a half track advantage over Breasure and Faison.

Matt Long was back in Georgetown Speedway Victory lane once again as he claimed the nights 12 lap Super Truck feature event.
Matt Long brought the field to the green flag at the start of the feature event only to have Robert Paczkowski shoot by on the outside as they entered turn 1 to grab the race lead. Long wouldn’t give up easy however as would challenge Paczkowski for the lead as they raced side by side at the completion of lap 2. Caution would wave as Mike Lewis would make contact with the wall exiting turn 4. Paczkowski would still lead at the restart over Long as caution would wave once again before lap 3 could be recorded for a multiple Truck wreck involving Orville Wells, Gene Hicks and Shane Clogg. Paczkowsi would once again lead the field to the restart. Matt Long would finally grab the lead on lap 5 exiting turn 2 and would go on to win over Paczkowski and a hard charging Clogg.

Dwayne Heck once again proved he is the man to beat in the Southern DE Vintage cars as he recorded yet another Georgetown Speedway victory.
CJ Schirmer and Freddy Brightbill brought the vintage field to the green flag for the start of their 12 lap feature event. Mark Williams would grab the early lead with Rob Schirmer giving chase. Dwayne Heck was on the move and he would work his way past Rob Schirmer for second just past halfway. Heck now had his sights set on race leader Mark Williams and would take the lead with 3 laps remaining and would go on to win over Williams and R.Schirmer

Tanner Marvel’s persistence would propel him to Georgetown Speedway victory lane in the 12 lap Delmarva Charger feature event.
Tanner Marvel and Bud Sipple brought the field to the green flag and would put on a clinic as the two raced side by side for the first 10 laps of the feature. The two would exchange the lead on several occasions but it would be Tanner Marvel getting the better hand on Bud Sipple as he would finally clear Sipple exiting turn 4 coming to the white flag and would go on the claim the win over Sipple and Carey

Big Block Mods: 1. HJ Bunting 2. Ryan Godown 3. Erik Korman 4. Scott VanGorder 5. Jack Swain 6. Drew Simmons 7. Shawn Ward 8. Glen Reed 9. Chuck Tucker 10. Don Hallowell 11. Dave Dissinger

Crate Late Models: 1. Mike Wharton 2. Mike Parsons 3. Dylan Evans 4. Robbie Walls 5. Jamie Eichholz 6. Tim White 7. TJ Williams 8. Mike Wilson 9. David Naylor 10. Reese Masiello 11. Wayne Smedley DNS. Kellie Lewis

Crate Modifieds: 1. Brandon Blades 2. Bryan Breasure 3. CJ Faison 4. Trent Willey 5. Tim Trimble 6. Justin Jones 7. Kevin Gardner 8. Tyler Reed 9. Scott Hitchens 10. Dwayne Crockett 11. Conner King 12. Shawn Weber 13. Jeff Marker 14. Jeff Coffey DNS. Nick Alberti

Super Trucks: 1. Matt Long 2. Robert Paczkowski 3. Shane Clogg 4. Gary Sekuler 5. Jacob Pearson 6. Billy Lockwood 7. Brian Meisenholder 8. John Zajcewski 9. TJ Hicks 10. Orville Wells 11. Tim Quay 12.Michelle Jackson 13. Thomas Jackson 14. Shannon Lewis 15. Mike Lewis 16. David Smith 17. Thomas Lecates

DE Vintage: 1. Dwayne Heck 2. Mark Williams 3. Rob Schirmer 4. CJ Schirmer 5. Freddy Brightbill 6. Scott Calhoun 7. Todd Miller 8. Vic Thomas 9. David Parsons 10. Chris Loveland 11. Mike Parsons DNS. Mitch Morton

Delmarva Chargers: 1. Tanner Marvel 2. Bud Sipple 3. Geoff Carey 4. Kevin Kovash 5. Chuck Hudson 6. Josh Joseph 7. Paige Dougherty

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