Racing for Ron John Highlights August Schedule

Date: 8/1/2017 10:18:56 PM

Bridgeport’s August Theme Dates Shuffled After July Rain –

‘Racing for Ron John’ Night set for Aug 12


Bridgeport, NJ – As the racing season hits the ‘home stretch’ part of the season, August will be an exciting and busy month for the racers and fans of Bridgeport Speedway.  “This will be a great stretch of Saturday night racing for everyone at Bridgeport over the next month,” stated General Manager Danny Serrano.  “We’ve got a lot things planned each and every week to along with our great stock car racing.”

Aug 5 - Bike Night:  All Motorcycle riders receive FREE admission to the races.  6 bicycles will be won by 6 lucky young fans during intermission courtesy of the Bridgeport Speedway drivers. 

Aug 5 – Double Crate/Sportsman Features:  6/17 Make up plus Regular Race

Local short track racing personality Bill Miscoski has jumped on board to sponsor the August 12 program at Bridgeport.  “I like what Bridgeport has been doing the past few years and I just wanted to bring some of my racing and business friends to be part of one of their weekly shows,” Miscoski offered.  “I also wanted to do something for my good friend Ron John Koczon, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity.”  

Aug 12 - Racing for Ron John:  Last summer local dirt track racer Ron John Koczon was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer.  After going through surgery last fall, Koczon has had his ups and downs and continues to be a fighter in this long process to recovery.  The treatments and doctor visits are continuous which can certainly wear on a family’s every-day routine.  Ron John’s infectious smile and positive attitude are just a couple of things that race fans and friends have come to know him for.  “He’s got so many friends that want to support him and wish him the best of luck.  I’ve already received over $1,500 pledges to help take some of life’s everyday burdens off of Ron and his family, and I know we can raise a lot more at Bridgeport that night.  Ron John and his family are just great people and this is how I thought we could help them out a little,” added Miscoski 

Aug 12 Fundraiser:  There will be plenty of ways to be a part of the ‘Racing for Ron John’ cause on Aug 12.  Special T-shirts will be on sale that evening along with decal stickers made by Dan Fleming of Xtreme Graphics.  A Bake Sale will be taking place where fans can purchase delicious sweets during the races.  A small Chinese Auction will also be taking place where fans can win gifts a la Friends of Mike style.  

Aug 12 Driver’s Appreciation BBQ:  With the July 22 cancellation, the Driver’s pre-race FREE BBQ will now take place on Saturday, Aug 12.  The pre-race festivities will take place from 4-5:30pm as all the racing teams, owners, and crews are invited to take part in Bobby Dixon Jr’s scrumptious BBQ.  The night will feature the Spirit Auto Center Big Blocks, Stewart Stainless Crate/Sportsman, Pennco Tech Outlaw Stocks, and the Vintage Cars.  

Aug 12 Powder Puffs:  At the conclusion of the evening, the ladies will then jump behind the wheel of the race cars on the ¼ mile as wives, sisters, girlfriends, cousins, neighbors, and friends of the drivers have their chance in annual Powder Puff races.  There will be first place trophies for all the winners of the powder puff events as well.  

Aug 19 - Mechanics Night:  Every year the people that turn the wrenches on the race cars get their moment to shine behind the wheel.  All County Garage will be sponsoring Mechanics Night as the crew chiefs show their drivers just what they have on the ¼ mile.  The Big

Block Modifieds, Crate/Sportsman, & Outlaw Stocks are on the schedule.

Aug 19 – Quarter Midget Night:  Originally scheduled for July 22, the Quarter Midgets will be on display on Aug 19 as well.  The racers of tomorrow will showcase their cars before having their chance on the ¼ mile track for their annual exhibition event.

Aug 19 – Double Outlaw Stock Features:  6/17 Make Up plus Regular Race

Aug 26 – Scout Night:  Pennco Tech will sponsoring the evening as ALL Scouts (Boy, Girl, Cub, Eagle) will receive FREE admission to the races featuring Big Blocks, Crate/Sportsman & MASS 305 Sprints. 

Aug 26 – Back to School Night:  FREE backpack raffle and school supply giveaways will be happening all night courtesy of the Bridgeport Speedway drivers and the help of Geiswite Creations.

For all the latest information you can visit Bridgeport’s official website at or check out them out on facebook, follow them on twitter, Instagram, and snap chat.  You may also call the speedway directly and leave a message at 856-467-4408. 

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