Date: 9/3/2007 6:05:24 AM


    MECHANICSBURG, PA - Lucas Wolfe, Gregg Foster and John Westbrook won feature events in the sprint car, super sportsman and limited (358 c.i,) sprint divisions respectively Sunday night at Williams Grove Speedway.
    The sprint car feature was marred by a 24th lap crash which claimed the  life of Billy Kimmel, 27, of Mechanicsburg.
    Michael Carber took the lead at the start of the 25-lap event while Wolfe, who started 10th, was charging through traffic.
    Wolfe was fourth by lap three, third on lap six and took the runnerup spot from Rick Eichelberger the next time around.
    Carber and Wolfe, who have been racing together since their quarter midget days when Wolfe was six and Carber was five, ran nose-to-tail until lap 20.  Carber was slowed by a lapped car entering turn three when Wolfe ducked to the inside and took the lead.
    He began to get away from the field until a red flag on lap 24 for the crash which claimed the life of Kimmel.
    On the restart Wolfe pulled way to become the 18th different driver to win a feature in the 410 division at the Grove this season.
    Lance Dewease, who started 8th, finished second.  Greg Hodnett came from 12th to third.  Doug Esh and Fred Rahmer completed the top five followed by Mark Smith, Eichelberger, Clark Simonton, Jr., Craig Keel and Chad Layton, who earned the Ziegler Kitchens Hard Charger award after starting 24th.
    Sprint car heats were won by Rick Lafferty, Dewease and Michael Carber.  The consolation was claimed by Mike Erdley.
    Foster started fourth in the 20-lap sportsman feature, took the lead from Bobby Hockenberry on the 13th lap and rolled to his second victory of the season at Williams Grove.
    Frankie Herr, Hockenberry, Jason Fry and Paul Miller completed the top five.
    Hockenberry and Leroy Martin won sportsman heats.  Derek Locke copped the consolation race.
    Westbrook took the lead from Gerard McIntyre on the second lap after starting fourth and went on to win the 20-lap limited (358 c.i.) sprint feature.
    Dave  Calaman, Pat Cannon, McIntyre and Chad Trout chased him across the line.
    The 358 qualifying heats were won by Matt Boland and Gerard McIntyre.   John Barnett won the consolation race.
    There were 30 sprint cars, 34 limited sprints and 36 sportsman cars in competition on Sunday night.

Williams Grove Speedway Feature Finishes - September 2, 2007
Sprint Car Feature - 25 laps - 1. Lucas Wolfe,  2. Lance Dewease,  3. Greg Hodnett,  4. Doug Esh,  5. Fred Rahmer,  6. Mark Smith,  7. Rich Eichelberger,  8. Clark Simonton, Jr.,  9. Craig Keel,  10. Chad Layton,  11. Todd Shaffer,  12. Brian Leppo,  13. Kevin Nouse,  14. Mike Erdley,  15. A. J. Michael,  16. Bob Howard,  17. Michael Carber,  18. Jeff Shepard,  19. Billy Kimmel,  20. Chris Meleason,  21. Bob Bennett,  22. Don Kreitz, Jr.,  23. Steve Buckwalter,  24. Rick Lafferty

    Sportsman Feature - 20 laps - 1. Gregg Foster,  2. Frankie Herr,  3. Bobby Hockenberry,  4. Jason Fry,  5. Paul Miller,  6. Leroy Martin,  7. J. R. Fry,  8. Rick Barr,  9. Russ Mitten,  10. Scott Dellinger,  11. Stan Wanner,  12. Carmen Perigo, Jr.,  13. Derek Locke,  14. Jay Fannasy,  15. Mike Enders,  16. Doug Hendricks,  17. Duaine Smith,  18. Ryan Rupp,  19. Rocky Magaro,  20. Jeremy Strausser,  21. John Stehman,  22. Rich Eichelberger,  23. Danny Hager,  24. Chris Reed
    Limited (358 c.i.) Sprint Car Feature - 20 laps -  1. John Westbrook,  2. Dave Calaman,  3. Pat Cannon,  4. Gerard McIntyre,  5. Chad Trout,  6. Frankie Herr,  7. Chad Criswell,  8. Cory Haas,  9. Matt Boland,  10. Nate Hammaker,  11. Adrian Shaffer,  12. Billy Johns,  13. Adam Wilt,  14. Keith Prutzman,  15. Jay Galloway,  16. Steve Owings,  17. Derek Locke,  18. J. R. Fry,  19. Stewart Smith,  20. Bob Anderson,  21. Dale Hammaker,  22. Kyle Pruitt,  23. John Barnett,  24. Chad Jumper

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