Halloween Bowl At Accord Speedway Finds Greg Sleight, Bob Sleight, Shane Jablonka, Anthony Nocella And Anthony Russo Securing Victories

Date: 11/1/2015 10:42:36 PM



Accord, NY- Halloween Bowl At Accord Speedway Finds Greg Sleight, Bob Sleight, Shane Jablonka, Anthony Nocella And Anthony Russo Securing Victories

By: Steve Pados, Accord Speedway Media


What began as a bright sunny but chilly day in the Catskill Mountains, turned into close to freezing temperatures as the day wore on but the weather did not deter from the excitement or the enthusiasm of the combatants or the great crowd on hand as the Accord Speedway closed the curtain on their regular season with the running of the successful Halloween Bowl.  The Palmer Family completed their fifteenth season of ownership and promotion of their pristine quarter mile facility nestled in the foothills of Ulster County in New York State.  The multi-faceted show brought out nearly 140 race car entries of all makes and sizes with both male and female driving stars seeking to close out the season in a fender banging blaze of glory.  The event was sponsored by the John J Liggan Insurance Agency located in Rosendale, New York with special assistance coming from  Marty and his Upstate Auto Group. Many special activities throughout the day took away the sting in the air and the exciting action on the track provided the fans with a day they can remember for some time to come.


When all was said and done, "The Hurri-shane" Shane Jablonka was spot on and richer for the experience as he wired the field in the fifty lap Sportsman event that paid $2,000.00 to win, which was spiked due to the $500.00 bonus posted by Upstate Auto. The Arkel Motors Pure Stock division feature was a 100-lap affair that found Bob Sleight biding his time early and then coming on like gangbusters to take the lead and drive to victory for the win and the biggest payday of the season for the affordable racing division. Anthony Nocella took no prisoners as he drove to daylight early in the first ever POWRi Outlaw Midget event at the speedway and came with an impressive win. Greg Sleight executed pure perfection as he raced to a close win in the Ruge's Performance Center Pro Stock feature run. Don Smith Jr captured the Northeast Wingless Sprint Car event. Anthony Russo survived an early spin and came back storming the the nearly fifty car field to capture the win and the $2,000.00 prize in the 100-lap Enduro finale.


Utilizing the spectacular Fall foliage of the Catskill Mountains as the backdrop for the event, the carnival-like atmosphere brought out a great crowd with plenty of kids adorned in their Halloween attire. In a great gesture from the Palmer Family, the costume clad kids were all treated to a participation trophy and were further treated to some excellent candy treats administered from the drivers, fans and Accord staff during their parade through the grandstand area. Miss Accord Speedway, Erika Decker led the costume parade in her "Fifties Outfit." Shelby Patterson and Patrick Jordan were the lucky recipients of bicycles donated by Upstate Auto. The Rich Roosa Family entertained the crowd with a hayride that traversed through the speedway grounds including the pit area so they could see the teams readying their racers for the day's events. DJ Tim Adams provided a tremendous variety of music that found the fans tapping their toes and clapping their hands.


Greg Sleight grabbed the lead at the beginning of the Ruge's Performance Center Pro Stock event. 2015 Accord Speedway Champion "Double D" Dave Demorest kept pace with Sleight as the pair raced nose to tail for the entire distance. Sleight kept hitting his marks and Demorest threw all he had at Sleight, but Sleight won by a car length when the checkered flag fell. Outside invader Nick Stone turned in an impressive performance for third place while additional invaders Justin Knight and Dennis Joslin completed the top five. Kyle Hosier, Tim McCarthy, Corey Lowitt, Luke Horning and Sparky Reilly completed the top ten.


The Arkel Motors Pure Stock affair put the full fendered drivers to the ultimate test. Outside invader Travis Brockner was the early leader but broke on lap-17 in a mad scramble for the point. Newcomer Mark McLean Jr inherited the lead but broke a few laps later handing the lead over to Jim Maher. Maher led from lap-23 until lap-78 when Steve Williams found the action and the traction on the baseline of the speedway to drive by Maher. Williams held the lead until lap-83 when 20th starting Bob Sleight decided it was time to cowboy up and go for the gold. Sleight slipped past Williams with an inside move of his own and went on to capture the win and the impressive $1,000.00 dollar prize that went with it for the win. Williams finished a close second with Jim Maher in third and Mike DuBois Jr in fourth. John Drake, in his best performance at Accord, started from 22nd position to hustle in and complete the top five. Austin Smith, Alan Tarrantino, John Woinoski, Livy Johnson and Stan Vishinski rounded out the top ten.


Shane Jablonka took the lead at the start of the Sportsman fifty lapper and was pressured from the start by "Jammin" Jimmy Wells. Jablonka was smooth as silk as he held the point with Wells working the raceway high and low to find a faster racing channel. Tyler Boniface moved into contention from fifth starting place and began to pressure Wells leaving Jablonka some breathing space upfront. On lap-34, Wells car turned abruptly right and he shut it down before making contact with the fence. On the restart Jablonka was at the point with Boniface now working closely behind him. Boniface would make a few runs at Jablonka but Jablonka would prevail and capture the win. Boniface was the runner-up with Ed Dachenhausen hustling from tenth to finish third, Tyler Johnston fourth and Dave Werber coming back from an altercation to complete the top five. Chris Lynch, Ken Ferrier, Ralph Ronk, Robbie Knipe and Brad Cicio completed the top ten. 


Seth Carlson grabbed the lead at the start of the POWRi Outlaw Midget event that would be halted right away when Phil Bessette got upside down triggering a massive incident in turn one. On the restart, Carlson would lead until lap-8 when a high-flying Anthony Nocella found the outer reaches of the Accord Speedway much to his liking and he blasted past Carlson for the lead. Nocella drove away from the field at will and enters the Accord Speedway History book as the first POWRi Midget feature winner. Carlson remained steady throughout the event and finished second with POWRi point leader Frank Malec and second place point man Dean Chistenson duking it out for position and points. Malec finished third with Christenson fourth and Barry Kittredge completing the top five. Rick Stone, DJ Moniz, Lou Torres, Vince Lucca and Zach Bennett rounded out the top ten. Eighteen cars signed in for battle and the race was an entertaining excursion. A big thanks to Jamie Spalding for his assistance with the scoring and the roster of the POWRi Midgets.


Don Smith Jr outlasted "The Banzai Kid" Aaron Bush to capture the Northeast Wingless Sprint battle.


The 4-Cylinder Enduro Bombers began their event with a forty-five car lineup. The early leader Jeff DeGroat found himself with a flat tire while leading and retiring from the event by lap-20. Drew Boniface inherited the lead and he led for some time before being the victim of a steaming demon radiator. Ryan Brockner became the leader and he enjoyed success before being rear-ended and losing a couple of laps before getting going again. A car that had been running with just wheels while dragging the rear axle caught fire and the race had to red-flagged to attend to it. Once the race restarted, the then leader of the 044, did not fire James Conklin took over the lead. Anthony Russo had just recovered from an early spin and hustled through the field to catch Conklin and take command of the event. Russo led the remaining laps to claim the win and the $2,000.00 prize that awaited him in the Lucas Oil Products victory lane. James Conklin was the runner-up with Robert Hoar claiming third place money.




The fun-filled day at the Accord Speedway brought out a great crowd, a great group of competitors and despite the chilly challenges from Mother Nature proved to be a great day for all racing fans and drivers concerned.  The crazy and outlandishly painted enduro cars provided a nice diversion from the grounding pounding full size race cars and the bumping and grinding of the on track competition provided for a delightful but frosty day in the Catskill Mountains. The fun and the entertainment value of the low-cost divisions has proven to be a tremendous opportunity for the budget minded competitors to enjoy their love of racing without having to dip so deeply into their pockets. George Moylan with his "Pumpkin" themed VW Beetle earned the best appearing theme based racer.


Miss Accord Speedway Erika Decker braved the cold weather as she greeted the winners in the Lucas Oil Products Victory Lane with her big smile and a few shivers as the temperatures dipped quickly as the sun disappeared.


Heat race winners included Kevin Ward, Rich Coons and Shane Jablonka in the Sportsman while Pure Stock heats were captured by Travis Brockner, John Routhier and Jim Maher. Greg Sleight and Dave Demorest claimed heat wins in the Pro Stocks. Frank Malec and Jeff Champagne were the heat race winners for the POWRi Midgets. Nick Plumstead captured the lone B-Main event for the Sportsman.


The Chefs in the Accord kitchen were not to be outdone as a variety of hand-crafted sandwiches were the featured attractions and the food lines were kept busy all day with the fans really digging into the great cuisine offered by the speedway chefs. By the end of the racing activity most of the cuisine filled many hungry bellies at the speedway.


A big thanks to John J Liggan and his Insurance Agency for their annual sponsorship of the event. For more information regarding Liggan Insurance, check them out at their website: info@liggan.com.


Also a big thanks to Marty at Upstate Auto for his sponsorship of the event through money and the bike raffle. For additional information regarding Upstate Auto, go to their website at: www.upstateautoinc.com




Escape RV Sportsman/Healey Brother Spec Sportsman: (50 Laps) Shane Jablonka, Tyler Boniface, Ed Dachenhausen, Tyler Johnston, Dave Werber, Chris Lynch, Ken Ferrier, Ralph Ronk, Robbie Knipe, Brad Cicio, Jame Interone, Rich Coons, Jimmy Wells, Phil Recchio, Joe Bonetti, Jeff Hulseapple, Kevin Ward, Mike Traver, Nick Plumstead, Jimmy Halpin, Mike Wahl, Conner Otten, Dave Coene, Nick Johnson (DQ)


Ruge's Performance Center Pro Stocks: (25 Laps) Greg Sleight, Dave Demorest, Nick Stone, Justin Knight, Dennis Joslin, Kyle Hosier, Tim McCarthy, Corey Lowitt, Luke Horning, Sparky Reilly


Arkel Motors Pure Stocks: (100 Laps) Bob Sleight, Steve Williams, Jim Maher, Mike Dubois Jr, John Drake, Austin Smith, Alan Tarrantino, John Woinoski, Livy Johnson, Stan Vishinski, Tanner Johnson, Joe Narok, John Routhier, Lou Gancarz, Kyle Welsh, Jeff Meltz, Chris Kanuk, Travis Henger, John Cole Jr, Mark McLean Jr, Paul Harding, Tom Pickels, Gary Ronk, Travis Brockner


Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars: Don Smith, Aaron Bush


POWRi Outlaw Midgets: Anthony Nocella, Seth Carlson, Frank Malec, Dean Christenson, Barry Kittredge, Rick Stone, DJ Moniz, Lou Torres, Vince Lucca, Zach Bennett, Jim Burd, Robert Knowlton, Peter Dance, Jeff Champagne, Nate Furman, Manny Dias, Phil Bessette, Chris Hirt 


4-Cylinder Enduro Bombers: (100 Laps) Anthony Russo, James Conklin, Robert Hoar (Best Theme Appearing Car) George Moylan


Racing fans are encouraged to begin making plans for the 3rd Annual "Gobbler" spectacular coming to the speedway on November 28th. Modifieds, Sportsman and Pure Stocks will be in action for the Saturday event. More details will follow shortly.


For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Accord Speedway, log on to their well documented website at: http://accordspeedway.com or call the speedway hotline at: 845 626 3478. For photo and video work of the latest Accord Speedway racing action, contact Northeast Racing Videos at: 518 535 0020 or through their website at: http://northeastracingvideos.com

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