Accord Speedway Releases Rules For Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars

Date: 1/14/2016 9:53:33 PM



Accord, NY- Accord Speedway Releases Rules For Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars

By: Steve Pados, Accord Speedway Media


The Palmer Family completed their fifteenth season of ownership and promotion of their pristine quarter mile facility nestled in the foothills of Ulster County in New York State in early December.  With no time to spare, the successful promotional team has been hard at work in putting together their plans and schedule for the upcoming 2016 racing season. 


Along with all of the hard and sometimes hectic work it takes to run a successful venue, the Palmer Family will be participating at the 2016 Motorsports Show scheduled in Oaks, Pennsylvania for the dates of January 22nd through the 24th. Accord Speedway will be part of the Jones Racing Products/Art's Radiator display at the Oaks Show.


Gary Palmer has been burning the midnight oil since the Christmas holidays to have one of the Northeast Wingless Sprint Cars competing at his race track ready to showcase at the show minus the bodywork to allow potential car owners and drivers a visual and opportunity to see how all of the pieces fit together with this exciting and affordable new division of racing that is creating much interest both in New York and New Jersey as the New Egypt Speedway is developing their own division as well.


Palmer is convinced the new division is the wave of the future and has high hopes that despite the tough economic times we are now facing and have gone through the past few years in this country, he has found an affordable outlet for the drivers and owners who cannot shell the almighty  big bucks to go all-out Sprint Car racing or compete in a high dollar Modified race car. With many sprint car chassis now available at a reasonable cost and the fact the horsepower will come from a selected Crate engine, the operative words for the division are "cost effective."  


The rules for the division are included within and Gary Palmer will be happy to answer any questions or concerns regarding the rules and the race cars at the Oaks Show.


Accord Speedway

Self Starting Wingless Crate Sprint Cars




I.      Engine

A.     GM 602 Crate engine

B.     All 602 Crate engine conversions must be completed by Hunts Machine 518-372-7273

C.    All engines will be sealed by Hunts Machine upon completion

D.    Any tampering with engine or engine seals will result in immediate disqualification

E.     If tech is refused on the engine the driver and car will be subject to ..

F.     HEI Factory stock ignition

G.    Champ oil pan-CP106LTRB, pick up for pan-part 20-032   p/u tube (NOT MANDATORY)

H.    Alternator is necessary for HEI Ignition

I.      ARP spud for cam-part 934-0006, seal for spud-part 934-0007 ( NOT MANDATORY)

J.     Any Fuel pump

K.     Any power steering pump


II. Carburetor

A.     Holley 4 Barrel Carburetor 750 or 650-methanol only

B.     Carburetor spacer-Mr Gasket  6006  (mandatory)

C.    Jets and power valves may be changed

D.    Carburetor must be mounted parallel to intake

E.     No air induction inserts or other devices to direct air to intake


III. Air filter

A.     One round type air filter element maintaining a minimum of 4 inches and a maximum of 14 inches

B.     K&N Style Air filters allowed

C.    No plastic air cleaner top or bottoms (metal only)

D.    All air shall be filtered through the filter element

E.     No carburetor inserts to direct air into the carburetor

F.     No Air boxes, hoses, or any device that directs air into the air cleaner

G.    No ram air


IV. Fuel pump-

A.     Any type


V. Headers

A.     Schonfield Headers part number-1052 LV


VI. Weight

A.     Minimum weight after race is 1575 lbs

B.     Tubing and Nerf bars must be hollow 

C.    Halo above driver is highly recommended (NOT MANDATORY)


VII. Shocks.

A.     Twin Tube shocks only

B.     No gas shocks will be allowed

C.    No cock pit adjusters


VIII. Brakes

Steel or aluminum rotors only


IX. Fuel

A.     All fuel tanks must have a bladder

B.     Fuel Tanks must be securely fastened.

C.    Methanol only. No additives.


X. Transmission

A.     Bert transmission 

B.     Standard sprint car close drive


XI. Rear end

A.     Standard Sprint car rear end only, no midget hybrid rear ends.


Racing fans are encouraged to begin making plans for the new season ahead at Accord as opening day at the speedway is scheduled for April 15th with a practice session in place one week prior to the start of the season.


For further updates and information regarding all of the news and additions to the Accord Speedway, log on to their well documented website at: or call the speedway hotline at: 845 626 1142. For photo and video work of the latest Accord Speedway racing action, contact Northeast Racing Videos at: 518 535 0020 or through their website at:

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