Larry Wight Wins Sixth Fulton Modified Feature; Billy Decker Track Champion

Date: 9/7/2015 12:05:08 AM

Larry Wight Wins Sixth Fulton Modified Feature; Billy Decker Track Champion


By Dave Medler - FULTON, NY - September 5, 2015 - The final pointís night at the Fulton Speedway not only crowns track champions for a long season of hard work but also can carry momentum for champions and final night feature winners ito the Outlaw 200 Weekend October 2-3.


The big winners on the final night of the regular season were Larry Wight (Tracey Road Equipment Modifieds) his sixth of the season, Todd Root (SUNY Canton Sportsman) Alan Fink (NAPA Late Models) Ryan Hatherill (E&V Energy Novice Sportsman) Dakota Bechler (Hiltonís Auto Four-Cylinders).


2015 Track Champions - Billy Decker (Modifieds) Tony Finch II (Sportsman) Chris Fleming (Late Models) Tim Dunn (Four-Cylinders).


Tim Schneider Jr. used his outside front row starting spot to blast into the lead using the top of the speedway to set the pace in the 35-lap Tracey Road Equipment Modified feature.


By lap-5 Schneider opened a half-a-straightaway lead over Tim Kerr who ran alone in second. Behind the top-two, Jim Witko Jr., Larry Wight from tenth and Chris Hile were in a tight fight for third through fifth.


With 10-laps complete Schneider lengthened his lead to a full straightaway as Wight moved into the second spot getting by Kerr while Witko and Hile came across the line almost dead even.


At lap-15 the complexion of the race was quickly changing as Wight was rapidly cutting into Schneiderís once big lead. Kerr, Witko, Hile and Tom Sears Jr. were putting on a show in a fight for third through sixth.  


On lap-16 Wight was all over the back bumper of Schneider.  One lap later, on lap-17, using the bottom of the speedway Wight flew into the lead.

On lap-22 the yellow would slow the field down when Chad Phelps had a collapsed front end in turns one and two.


With 10-laps to go Wight was on cruise control out front. Hile, Sears, Billy Decker from 17th and Kerr were in a shootout in the top-five.


On lap-27 Decker moved into second place and looked for a way to get to Wight and challenge him for the win. Over the remaining laps Wight was too quick as he outran Decker to the checkers by 00.573 at the finish. Chris Hile, Tim Sears Jr. and Tom Sears Jr. finished third through fifth.


Chris Cunningham set the early pace in the feature with a hungry pack just behind him until the yellow waved on lap-3 when Dylan Zacharias spun high in turn two.


Five-laps into the feature Cunningham held a slight advantage over Mike Phelps and Randy Gates.  Brett Draper and Gregg Kimball showed in the top-five before a yellow.


Part of the yellow involved the two battling for the championship, Finch and Button, as they locked bumpers. The cars were separated with no damage and continued at the rear of the field.


On lap-7 Will Shields brought out the yellow erasing the ten car-length advantage Cunningham held over the close battle behind him between Phelps, Gates, Kimball and Todd Root.


At the 10-lap mark Cunningham held a five car advantage over Root with Gates, Kimball and Phelps in a tight race for third through fifth.


On lap-13, using the top of the speedway, Root shot to the lead to be scored the new leader.


With 10-laps to go Root and Cunningham separated themselves from the pack. Gates, Kimball and Steve Abt battled in the top-five.


With Root way out front all eyes turned to Finch and Button for their run to the title as Finch ran three spots ahead of Button.


Todd Root, with no yellows, cruised to the almost four-second win over Chris Cunningham. Randy Gates, Gregg Kimball and Steve Abt rounded out the top-five.


Tony Finch won the track championship by 20 points over Mike Button.


In the 20-lap NAPA Late Model feature only ten points separated rookies Chris Fleming and Kevan Cook in the battle for the championship.


Jason Occhino held a narrow lead on the opening lap of the feature over Dane Keller Jr. as the rest of the field ran two and three wide scrambling for position.


With 5-laps complete Occhino held a narrow lead over Keller, Fleming, Alan Fink and Brandon Ford.


With 10-laps showing on the scoring tower, Occhino was still setting the pace out front as Dave Talbot and Fink ran side by side for second and third with Ford and Sean Beardsley showing in the top-five.


After breaking away from Talbot, Fink took the lead on the bottom of the speedway on lap-14 from Occhino


After taking the lead and no yellows the rest of the way Fink cruised to the win unchallenged. Jason Occhino, Dave Talbot, Kevan Cook and Sean Beardsley completed the top-five.


With his sixth place finish Chris Fleming was crowned the track champion by six points over Kevan Cook.


In the 15-lap E&V Energy Novice feature Torrey Stoughtenger, Dorian Wahdan and John West would lead early laps before a lap-5 pass for the lead by Ryan Hatherill. Once in the lead there was no denying Hatherill as he went on to his first career win. John West, Andrew Wren, Joey Buonagurio and Nate Higgins finished second through fifth.


Colby Herzog would lead the opening 8-laps of the 15-lap Hiltonís Automotive Four-Cylinder feature before Dakota Bechler took over the lead and cruised to the win. Tim Dunn, Colby Herzog, Chris Bonoffski and Ray Bechler finished second through fifth.


Tim Dunn was crowned the 2015 Hiltonís Automotive Four Cylinder Track Champion.


The Fulton Speedway staff is already hard at work preparing for one of the most prestigious racing events in the Northeast.  On Friday & Saturday October 2-3 the 30th Annual Sunoco Fulton Ethanol Facility Outlaw 200 Weekend will be presented by SUNY Canton.


Friday, October 2 Ė 7:00pm

$1,000-to-win Pit Stop Convenience Stores Late Model 50.

$1,000-to-win Mod Lite Doug Cooper Memorial 36 presented by Greeneís Ale House.

Modified 15-lap Outlaw Qualifiers.

Industrial Tire Of CNY Sportsman Championship Heats & Consolations.

Outlaw Weekend Four-Cylinder Open. 


Saturday, October 3 - 4:30pm

30th $20,000-to-win Outlaw 200.

$2,500-to-win 50-lap Industrial Of CNY Sportsman Shootout Championship.


For more information on tickets, entry forms, complete schedule and everything you will need to know for an enjoyable weekend go to and then click on the Outlaw 200 link at the top of the page.


Any questions you might have please contact Cory Reed at (315) 593-6531. Like the track Facebook page at .


(Tracey Road Equipment Modifieds 35 Laps) - LARRY WIGHT, Billy Decker, Chris Hile, Tim Sears Jr., Tom Sears Jr., Chuck Bower, Tim Kerr, Jim Witko Jr., Joe August Jr.Tim Schneider Jr., Ryan Phelps, Jimmy Phelps, Pat Ward, Billy Whittaker, Danny Johnson, Brad Godshalk, Kyle Fink, Tom Keyes,  Roy Shields, Brent Cross, Chad Phelps, Matt Fink, Vinnie Vitale.


(Omni Services Heat Winners) - Tim Schneider Jr., Pat Ward, Jim Witko Jr.


(Tracey Road Equipment Modifieds Track Champion) - Billy Decker


(SUNY Canton Sportsman 25 Laps) -  TODD ROOT, Chris Cunningham, Randy Gates, Gregg Kimball, Steve Abt, Billy Clark Jr., Corey Barker, Mike Phelps, Nick Krause, Tony Finch II, Jeremy Dygert, Ron Davis III, Tyler Meeks, Tyler Trump, Joe Kline, Mike Button, Amy Holland, Will Shields, Wade Chrisman, Dylan Zacharias, Rich Riggs, Brett Draper, Rocky Grosso, Mike Stanton Jr., JJ Courcy, Jim Spano.


(SUNY Canton Sportsman Track Champion) - Tony Finch II.


(NAPA Late Models 20-Laps) - ALAN FINK, Jason Occhino, Dave Talbot, Kevan Cook, Sean Beardsley, Chris Fleming, Brandon Ford, Bret Belden, Billy Eisele, Alan Chapman, Dane Keller Jr., Brandon Carvey, Steven Coit, Jason Parkhurst, Mike Kazmierczak, Aron Backus, AJ Kingsley.


(NAPA Late Models Track Champion) - Chris Fleming.


(E&V Energy Novice Sportsman 15 Laps) -  RYAN HATHERILL, John West, Andrew Wren, Joey Buonagurio, Nate Higgins, Kyle Perry, Richie Riggs, Dorian Wahdan, Angelo Komuda, Dwight Nichols, Troy Fleming,Kelly Smith, Joe Sobotka, Torrey Stoughtenger, DNS Brett Draper, Michelle Courcy.


(Hiltonís Automotive Four-Cylinders 15 Laps) - DAKOTA BECHLER, Tim Dunn, Colby Herzog, Chris Bonoffski, Ray Bechler, Skip DeGroff, William Weller Jr., Mark Johnston, Garrett Rushlow, Justin Buske, Cole Ryemean, Thomas Mackey, Sam Carista, Levi Currier, Jeremy Lueck, Bill Megnin, Jim Graham, Ken Pitsley. DNS Mark Wallace.


(Hiltonís Automotive Four-Cylinders Track Champion) - Tim Dunn


(Mechanics Race Winners) -  Sportsman - Mike Root - Modified, Late Model - Tim Sears. Four-Cylinder - Keith Sullivan.

(Ladies Race Winners) - Modified, Sportsman, Late Model - Katelyn Hile, Four-Cylinder - Amber Ingison.


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