Date: 9/29/2014 8:44:38 PM





                Don' t look away cause in one split second everything changes. The Leon Gruber Memorial 50 held this past Saturday September 27th at Lindas speedway changed before the green flag  flew. Thirty five modifieds signed in for chance at a $1000 paycheck and more important would be the bragging rights.

                The night started off different than any other race has the heats would be set by time trials and cars sent out in groups of three. Jason Dunkleberger turned the fastest lap of the night with a 13.6 over race favorite Ryan Higgs and Chad Zornek. Ryan Higgs looked to make it three in a row at Lindas and end the year in high style. 2014 Lindas Champion Richie Hitzler was still looking for his first win of the year at his home track  even though he also won the 2014 Poker Series held at the track also. Heat race winners Michael Burrows let his presence be known along with Aaron Bowes turning heads with the fastest time of the night with a 13.4 lap time.  Hitzler and Higgs also won heat races with Scott Washburn leading the top 8 cars from the consi to the feature.

                As I previously stated, a second is all it takes to change a race. Hitzler would spin going into turn three at the start of the race and changed the dynamic early. The restarts belonged to Higgs and he would soon take a dominating lead over Bowes and Dunkleberger. The top three would remain the same with battles for 4th thru 24th waged on the dirt oval. Korey Inglin and Richie Hitzler had their own races starting from the back after the caution with Korey making the top five and Hitzler bringing home an 8th place finish. Nathan Brinker and Nick Mady, driving the Rick Bates owned powerplant, had one of the best battles for 10 laps of side by side racing. Both drivers waited for word on who would finish 3rd with Mady over Brinker by a coat of paint.

                As the race had a long green flag run, the leader Higgs had come into lap traffic with Bowes and Dunkleberger dealing with the same lap traffic coming into lap 31. On lap 32 the race changed in a split second when Higgs would get caught up by a lap car and bring out the caution. The restart would see Bowes, Dunkleberger and Mady with a new perspective with Higgs headed to the rear of the field. Would 10 laps be enough for Higgs to make his way back to the front or would the top three become the winner.

                Aaron Bowes saw the opportunity the caution brought and took advantage with a text book restart and taking the lead coming out of turn 2. A strong performance would give Bowes the victory and another big payday. In victory lane he congratulated Higgs on having the car to beat along with thanking Kevin Gruber for the advice he would give to some drivers after the heat races.  Kevin made his dad proud as he was quick to lend a hand in the pits and during the race.

                The Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds will have their final double header weekend as part of Five Mile Point Speedways American Racer Cup weekend on October 10th and 11th. Penn Can Speedway will be next on the schedule October 18th for the "King of the Can" and November 1st will be the last 2014 race of the year. November 9th will have the yearly fall meeting held at the Polk Township firehouse starting at noon. New rules, track and a new registration format will be announced along with the new insurance requirements for the drivers. This meeting is open to the public and the 600 sportsman division will also be discussed.





                                AARON BOWES  2)Jason Dunkleberger  3)Nick Mady  4)Nathan Brinker  5)Korey Inglin 6)Josh Pepe  7)Scott Washburn  8)Richie Hitzler 9)Tim Van Horn Jr  10)Ryan Higgs 11)Kam Maby  12)Abbey Price  13)Chris Eckert  14)Dave Ogin  15)Dakota Barlet  16)Shawna Schibilia  17)Barry Stuffelt  18)Jason Mills  19)Lester Dise  20)Daulton Bigler  21)RJ Smith  22)Rodney Adams  23)Chad Zornek 24)Michael Burrows 25)Barry Breidegan  26)Ian Williamson  27)Mike Fillburn 28)Jonathan Josko  29)AJ MIller  30)Joe Carter  31)Dustin Dunkleberger  32)Brian Blakenbiller  33)Jack Reifsnyder  34)Bruce Mills  35)Kyle Inglin

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