Date: 7/19/2015 11:34:35 AM


Friday night, July 17th, was a night of “Rubbin is Racin” for 28 Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds.. Five different lead changes in the last 6 laps made for some classic battles. Richie Hitzler and Brian Carber battled it out till the last turn and the last second before crossing the line. The smiles and handshakes, in post tech, told the story of the 20 lap feature.

Current points leader, Nathan Brinker, along with Michael Burrows and Jonathan Josko started the night with heat race wins. Burrows set the mark with a 18.70 fast lap over Brinkers 18.78. All cars would qualify with no consolation race.

Hot shoe, Richie Hitzler, would start ninth after the redraw with Brian Carber picking one better. Tyler Reeser and Michael Burrows had clean air bringing the field to the first green flag. Big Diamond offers a wide track and the 600 modifieds use every inch they can.

Michael Burrows let the field early in the race and it seemed the race would be for second. The yellow on lap 13 would be the game changer. Hitzler and Carber made their way to the front to put themselves in contention. Burrows would fall off by a thread giving Hitzler and Carber the advantage.

The next 7 laps saw the two race door to door.  There would be some thin air to separate but as the laps ran down so did the room. The last 2 laps had the 2 cross each other by a hair. The last lap was a classic battle, as they leaned on each other, in all four turns and the backstretch. Both seasoned veterans were able to show how “Rubbins Racin” without taking out a competitor.

“Sweet” was the first thing Hitzler said as he got out of the car. “That’s what you call racing. If I could race like that ,I would never get out of the car. Carber and I ran each other hard, side by side, with no doubt in my mind of me taking him out and visa versa.”

Brian Carber was all smiles during tech.”I know we didn’t win but that was one heck of a race. When you can run somebody that hard and still shake their hand at the end makes for some awesome racing. I can’t wait for Wednesday. I-88 will be a new track for me and who knows what the “Crazy Eights” are gonna bring.”

The Xcel Chassis 600 modifieds will be on hand for the July 22nd , co- promoted by Brett Deyo, mini series. Previous feature winners will have to start 9th,10th and 11th. This includes Richie Hitzler (Big Diamond),Will Eastman (Thunder Mountain) and Tyler Dipple(Big Diamond).An increased payday of $1000 will have the modifieds on the wheel.

I-88 Speedway, located in Afton New York, will have the grandstands and pit gates open at 4 p.m. Fan Fest will be from 5 till 5:45 with hot laps at 6:15. Racing action starts at 7:00 so hold on to your seats for some “Crazy Eights” action.


    1)RICHIE HITZLER 2)Brian Carber 3)Michael Burrows 4)Billy Koch 5)Charles Bowers 6)Jonathan Josko 7)Korey Inglin 8)Nathan Brinker 9)Chris Eckert 10)Dakota Barlet 11)Bryan Care 12)Kyle Inglin 13)Shawna Schibilia 14)Josh Pepe 15)Wyatt Harrar 16)Mike Burrows 17)Tyler Reeser 18)DJ Hunt 19)Aaron Bowes 20)Barry Lee 21)Tim  Van Horn jr. 22)Steve Sterner 23)Andrew Ace 24)Brian Blankenbiller 25)Josh Bewley 26)Jonathan Pepe 27)Barry Breidegan 28)Dave Baldwin Jr.

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